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Jeff Bezos Ex-wife MacKenzie Scott Files For Divorce From Second Husband


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MacKenzie Scott, one of the world’s richest and most influential philanthropists, filed for divorce from Dan Jewett, a science teacher she married after her split from Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com Inc. in 2019.
“We want the court to end our marriage,” Scott wrote in a petition filed Monday in King County Superior Court in Washington state.

MacKenzie Scott Files For Divorce From Second Husband

The document shows the couple has a written agreement to divide their real estate and other assets. “There is no need for spousal support,” it states.

On the petition, there is a place to indicate if you have a prenuptial agreement, but it only says a separation agreement.

MacKenzie Scott

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Scott is worth $28.9 billion. Last year, she announced her marriage to Jewett on her Giving Pledge page.

This is a pledge that the ultra-rich make to give away most of their money during their lifetime or in their wills. Jewett also wrote a letter, and at the top of the page, the two were pictured together. Now all that’s left is a picture of Scott’s face and a letter.

Scott, who is 52, also mentioned Jewett in a blog post she wrote on the website Medium. In the past, Scott has used that blog to talk about major gifts. Those references have also been removed.

In a June post, Scott wrote, “Dan, I, and a group of researchers, administrators, and advisors are trying to give away wealth made possible by systems that need to be changed.” Now it says, “We are trying to give away a lot of money that has been enabled by systems that need to be changed.”

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Quick Facts

  • Jeff Bezos married her the year before he started Amazon
  • Jeff wrote the business plan for Amazon while I drove the car across the country.
  • From 1993 until 2019, Jeff and MacKenzie were married.
  • Got 20 million Amazon shares in their divorce.
  • Signed “The Giving Pledge” as soon as they got the settlement money.
  • In 2020, a person’s wealth went up by $25 billion.
  • Was at times the richest woman in the world in 2020
  • Donated at least $6 billion to charity by 2020

After her divorce from Bezos, which left her with a 4% stake in Amazon, Scott took control of a $36 billion fortune.

Since then, she has given away her money at an unprecedented rate. Since signing the pledge in 2019, she has given away more than $12 billion.


It’s not clear how much Jewett had to do with Scott’s philanthropy. Scott has a team of experts and consultants who scour the country for nonprofits. Most of the time, Scott writes blog posts about their donations. The last one was in March.

Scott said in March that she has donated about $3.9 billion to 465 charities in the past nine months. That brings her total donations to more than $12 billion.

She recently donated two Beverly Hills mansions worth about $55 million to the California Community Foundation, a Los Angeles-area charity. The foundation’s executive director thanked Scott alone in a statement about the donation

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth

MacKenzie Scott is an American writer, philanthropist, and activist formerly known as MacKenzie Bezos. At the time this article was written, MacKenzie Scott was worth $32 billion. Her net worth would be much higher, but she has donated $6 billion to charity in 2020 alone.

She plans to give away most of her money during her lifetime, and at the time of writing, she has already donated more than $12 billion to hundreds of charities around the world. Check out this article for more information about her charity work.

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