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Who Is James Spader’s Son, Nathaneal Spader? Truth About Him


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Nathaneal Spader is a young boy who gained massive popularity at a young age. But how? Check out the article to know more about Nathaneal Spader. Spader is quite a familiar name to many of us, right? But will there be any connection between the boy and the Spader we know? In case you too had the same doubt, then you are right. Nathaneal Spader is the youngest son of James Spader and his long-term partner Leslie Stefansson. 

Nathaneal Spader Parents

The young boy is prominent because of the fame his parents have. James Spader is an American actor and producer known for his roles in the American crime thriller television series, The Blacklist. Leslie is an American model, actor, and artist who is known for her role in the American mystery thriller, The General’s Daughter. The duo has caught up on the sets of their crime thriller film, The Stickup.  They were dating since then even when the actor was still married to his first wife, Victoria Spader. Later, he filed for divorce from his first marriage and started a new life with his co-actor, Leslie. 

Who Is James Spader’s Son, Nathaneal Spader? Truth About Him

James and Leslie are engaged and after six years of dating, the couple welcomed their first son, Nathaneal Spader. The couple is not married yet and is not planning to be wedded anytime soon or in the future.   

Nathaneal’s Spader father is one of the prominent actors who has achieved three Emmy Awards and several other accolades. For the past 40 years, he has been entertaining the fans mostly in the role of spoiled brats or sneaky villains. He started his career as an actor in the early 1980s and to reach the goal he even undertook several jobs like bartending, teaching yoga, driving a meat truck, loading railroad cars, as a stable boy, etc.   

Whereas Leslie is currently working in LA and New York as a sculpting architect. She studied drawing and sculpting the human form at The Art Students League of New York. The model even won the Gold Medal and Charlotte Geffken Prize in 2019 from the National Sculpture Society for her piece entitled ‘La Bestia.’ 

Nathaneal Spader Age

Today, in the current society people are struggling to make a name for themselves and become popular. But Nathaneal Spader didn’t have to face such difficulties. The young boy who fully depends on his parents is already a star. He was born on August 31, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, with blonde hair and brown eyes. The Spaders are all set to celebrate the boy’s 14th birthday this August.

Who Is James Spader’s Son, Nathaneal Spader? Truth About Him

Is Nathaneal Spader The Only Child Of James Spader?

Nathanael Spader is the only son of The Stickup co-stars turned to partners. He even has half-brothers, Sebastian Spader and Elijah Spader, from his father’s first marriage. James Spader was married to Victoria Kheel Spader, a set designer whom he met in early 1987. The marriage ended in 2004 as the pair filed for a divorce. 

The half brothers followed the path of their father. Both of them are working in the entertainment industry. Rather than becoming an actor, just like their father, the brothers become a part of the industry as a producer and sound technicians. Sebastian Spader, 33, is working as a producer and director and has produced more than nine short films and several TV series. Some of them are Machete, Slice, and 1234: A romance study. 

Who Is James Spader’s Son, Nathaneal Spader? Truth About Him

Meanwhile, Elijah, 30, works as a sound technician/designer and has worked in five TV series and films. Some of his best works include Insecure, At Night Comes Wolves, and most importantly, The Blacklist starring his father, James Spader. He is even a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School in 2021 and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Audio Production. 

Nathaneal Spader Relationship

As per the latest reports, Nathaneal might be attending a middle school whose names are not out yet. People who know the boy are doubting his career. They even doubt whether he would take up a career in the entertainment industry just like his father and half-brothers. Currently being a young boy he is financially dependent on his parents and is enjoying the best phase of his life. He is focusing more on his studies and is not at an age to think about a career. The boy is even kept away from the spotlight by his parents and is not active on any social media.   

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As the boy is just on his way to celebrating his 14th birthday in August, he is not having any relationship or affairs. He is enjoying the best of his life with his parents. The trio is currently living in their Greenwich Village carriage house.

Nathaneal Spader Net Worth

The 13-year-old boy is currently dependent on his father, a prominent American actor, James Spader. James is a multimillionaire with immense fortune. He acquired this wealth from his 40 years of acting career. By now, he has worked in fifty films and TV series. As per the latest estimate, his net worth is $20 million and he charges $300,000 for each episode.  


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