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What Happened To George Jung’s Ex-Wife Mirtha Jung? Is Mirtha Jung Still Alive?


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Mirtha Jung happens to be the ex-wife of a former drug smuggler, George Jung. Most high-class criminals trace their lineage to Cuban, the land of crime and war. The filmmakers happened to make a crime film based on George Jung. And, that is exactly when she rose to fame.

The movie was called ‘Blow.’ Mirtha and her ex-husband happened to be a part of a huge drug racket, that facilitated the transfer of drugs from British Colombia to the US. Now, there are some amazing facts for our audience here.

Mirtha Jung Net Worth, Early Life, How Did She Die?

Mirtha and George Jung had an age gap of a decade. Still, they fell in love and married each other. Mirtha and George had a daughter as well. Amazingly, Mirtha Jung has moved away from the crime drama and is living the life of a normal person. She is a poet, a businesswoman, and a writer at present.

Despite living a life of dreams, Mirtha and George Jung parted ways in 1984, and she lost everything after her divorce. However, she is still quite rich. It is believed that she has a net worth of $150,000. Currently, in her late sixties, she has not disclosed what she does. She hopefully amassed millions from her smuggling days. That has supposedly kept her afloat.

What Happened To George Jung’s Ex-Wife Mirtha Jung Is Mirtha Jung Still Alive

she was born as Mirtha Calderon. She was born on December 3, 1952. She is an American but has Cuban ties. Everybody has probably seen couples creating huge business empires, but very few have seen couples running huge drug cartels. Mirtha Jung and George Jung were criminal partners.

After a few years of happiness after marriage, their drug-afflicted life took a turn for the worse, leading to marital discord. And, it led to their separation. she was born in a poor family in Cuba. Moreover, she got involved in the drug business from a young age to support her addiction. She lived with her parents and also attended a school in Cuba itself. she also worked as a waitress before meeting George Jung and joining the drug business.

Mirtha Jung Networth, Career Beginnings

She worked as a waitress before meeting George Jung. She reportedly never went to college, as she was already addicted by then. In this case, a drug user met a drug trafficker. So, one can imagine the sparks of addiction flying.

She reportedly carried drugs in her suitcases on flights. Mirtha and George worked together for a few years, wherein they fell in love with one another. Moreover, they continued to peddle drugs and made a fortune running into $100 million in sales. The drug dealer’s ex-wife got immense fame when the movie ‘Blow’ was made.

Mirtha Jung Networth, Career Beginnings

It depicted the lives of the drug trafficking couple. Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz reprised the roles. The movie covered all the activities that the couple undertook, in their prime days. She was also jailed for a few years around the 1980s and released later.

Mirtha Jung’s early earning details are not available legally. It is reported, that she and George made $5 million per day.  They are believed to have made $100 million in drug sales. Now, she runs a business but has not given many details to the media regarding it. Some of Martha Jung’s wealth comes from royalties and contracts from the sales of movies and books that were based on her life.

However, recently speculators have revealed that she might be making $25,000 annually throughout her career as an entrepreneur and poet. Moreover, she may also be earning $2,000 every month. There is no proof for the above data and these are only speculations.

Mirtha Jung Personal Life/Relationships

she met George Jung, during one such drug deal. Her cocaine addiction had led her to forget all about education. She was constantly looking for sponsors to fuel and support her cocaine addiction. At that time, she was 24 years and George Jung was 34 years.

The two had met through some drug contractors in Colombia. Moreover, they enjoyed a few years of bliss, until their separation and divorce in 1984. Kristina Sunshine is her only child. Her daughter, Kristina Sunshine was brought up by her grandparents, when she served in jail after being caught for transporting cocaine and marijuana. Mirtha came out of the drug business, for the sake of her daughter.

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Her daughter Kristina is married, is a poet, and an actress, and also runs a business of her own. She has also launched her clothing line called Boston George. Mirtha did not remarry, as she said, once in an interview, that George was the only man, she loved. George Jung has re-married Ronda Clay, who has a daughter from a previous marriage. He lives in San Diego at present.

Mirtha Jung’s Awards And Honors

Being in the crime business does not bring forth a good name, except for huge money. The same goes for Mirtha Jung. After the release of the movie, ‘Blow,’ she reportedly made a lot of money from its success.

she maintains a life of secrecy, wherein she does not reveal anything about her work or business to the media. Her inherent love for the written words led her to be a poet. Mirtha left drugs after coming out of prison.

Not much is known about her properties. She is supposedly leading a clean life now. She has changed her lifestyle gradually after being released from jail. Moreover, she also wants to appear nice in front of her daughter. Since she has a dark past, it is possible that a large part of her wealth is in black.

And she surely does not want the world to know about it. Not much is known about her residence as well. She has reportedly not entertained the media much. Mirtha Jung is very much alive and is living a life of anonymity. There are many social media profiles that claim to be hers, but none are authentic.


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