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Florida’s Medicaid Funding Ban, Ex-transgender Girl From California Supports


According to reports from the recent roundtable conference regarding the Florida Ban on Medicaid funding for the treatment of gender dysphoria, an ex-transgender girl, Chloe Cole, heavily supported the decision and has been seen providing many valid points regarding the ban.

Who Was The Girl Supporting The Ban By Florida?

As per reports, the girl seen supporting the ban and voicing a growing concern regarding unethical treatment against gender dysphoria was no other than an ex-transgender Californian named Chloe Cole.

Florida's Medicaid Funding Ban, Ex-transgender Girl From California Supports

Cole had undergone similar gender dysphoria treatment starting just at the age of fourteen. Since the start of puberty, the young teen has had to take various medications, including several puberty blockers, testosterone injections, and other hormonal medicines. 

She alleges that all these treatments led to her permanent loss of breasts. As a result, she should never be able to breastfeed her children in the future when the time comes.

Cole also spoke out against the treatments by stating that she was never asked about the decision about whether she wanted to undergo the treatment procedures.

She also requested that the parents must wait for their child to reach a mature age so they can also become aware of the changes they will be going through during the treatment.

During the roundtable conference, she also spoke about how she got early exposure to the world of LGBTQ+ and how it helped her to form an identity for herself.

What Was The Message To The Lgbqt+ Community?

According to the seventeen years old California girl, Cole wants everyone to be proud of their gender.

Who Was The Girl Supporting The Ban By Florida

She also advises the parents of these special types of children to allow them to attain adulthood or proper maturity before indulging in gender dysphoria-related treatments.

The child has the right to know what would happen to their body during these types of treatment, according to her statements.

Also, during the interview, she talked with one of the most famous and well-reputed doctors in the medical community in America, Dr.Joseph Ladapo.

Both of them discussed the implications of the new decision, which will be passed by the Florida authorities regarding the ban of funding for several gender dysphoria treatments.

Reports from the conference suggest that Dr.Ladapo, along with Cole, fully supports the new rule,’59G-1.050’.

Due to their elaborate and extended discussion on the topic, the AHCA director Brock Juarez referred to Cole’s testimony as a profound and thought-provoking matter. He also referred to the recent reports published by AHCA, which list some treatment methods which are not considered very professional to be included for funding.

From across the country, many civil rights groups, LGBQT+ activists, and AAP supporters fully support this decision.

What Is The Viewpoint Of Doctors Regarding The Ban Issue?

As per reports and interviews from several top medical practitioners, it is evident that many are also directly supporting this decision.

Many of them also consider that some treatment methods are harmful to a child and can often lead to permanent health damage, like in Cole’s case.

Dr.Ladapo also stated that the children who undergo these kinds of treatment often undergo complex surgeries that keep them bedridden for a long time. 

As a result, they start to feel isolated, and thus, there is a high risk of self-inflicted harm among these patients.

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