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Ellen DeGeneres Accidentally Reveals The Gender Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Baby On Her Talk Show!!



Despite their outgoing personalities, every Hollywood star has a private side at some point in their careers. This is the point in time when people either become parents or get married. Jennifer Lawrence had something similar to this. This well-known actress was always outgoing and open about even the tiniest details of her life

Jennifer Lawrence Has Been So Secretive About Everything

However, she has become exceedingly private in her life following February’s death. She gave birth to a newborn baby in February and expected to have the most privacy in her life following that.

Ellen DeGeneres Accidentally Reveals The Gender Of Jennifer Lawrence's Baby

The expectation is to spend some time with the child because she knows she won’t be able to do so once she returns to work.


Jennifer Lawrence has been so secretive about everything that she has kept the gender of her baby a secret from the media since February. There were numerous rumours and guesses, but nothing was confirmed at this time.

However, Ellen DeGeneres recently unintentionally divulged that Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney had given birth to a baby boy. Jennifer Lawrence said this during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s most recent episode.


Ellen was able to congratulate Jennifer on marrying the love of her life and welcoming her first child into the world. It’s worth noting that Ellen feels rather certain about the revelation, which she should be given that she and Jennifer have been excellent neighbours for a long time. There’s a good chance Ellen’s news is bogus, and she’s merely doing a publicity trick.

Despite the fact that Jennifer has not directly and formally announced the baby’s gender, Ellen appears to have already confirmed this information.

However, this appears to be a bit contentious because Jennifer may have had a thought, as a result of which she kept her kid out of the public eye. To avoid undue media attention, the couple had not moved out of the house with the kid since the delivery.

Reasons To Conceal

After dating for a year, Cooke and Jennifer married in 2019. The couple ultimately announced their pregnancy in September 2021, and she gave birth to the kid in February 2022.

She was also able to keep her anonymity throughout the course of her pregnancy. This was technically advantageous in order to have a smooth voyage without any interruptions from the media.

She was able to concentrate on her life and enjoy every bit of the medium that had been taken away from her. She is thought to have the same goal in mind, which is to avoid any media bias toward her newborn baby.



The revealing of the gender without the approval of the parents is likely to aggravate the conflict between the two neighbours. There’s a chance Ellen won’t respond and Jennifer won’t mind, but the future course of action is absolutely unknown. Until now, no formal statement has been published. It is envisaged that a revelation and exchange of ideas will take place soon.

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