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Better Call Saul Series Finale Recap: Did Gene Finally Face justice?


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Better call Saul is an intriguing  American crime and legal drama series that viewers wholeheartedly welcomed and highly lauded. The astounding creators behind this riveting television series are Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. This is a spin-off, prequel to Gilligan’s erstwhile series, Breaking Bad. The show concluded on Aug 15, 2022, after six seasons for a total of sixty-three episodes. 

Better Call Saul is the fretful story of a man thriving in a scorched, exploitative world, where everyone is obdurate to snatch his lives and dreams from him. Before getting into the plot one must be aware of what was happening in Breaking Bad, in Walter White’s life. Walter white a chemist professor who was diagnosed with cancer, was flabbergasted with this new rival in his life. So the ephemerality of life was applied into the equation and he was forced to encounter the bittering naked truth that his time on this planet is pretty less.

Better Call Saul Series Finale Recap

Though middle-class family money was always an encumbrance in their lives. White doesn’t want his family to stoop into bankruptcy so he decided to make as much money as possible. With his inadvertent encounter with Jesse Pinkman who is a drug addict and also a carrier, he decides to make money with his knowledge in chemistry to cook meth. 

The story revolves around Walter White’s inexplicable knowledge of chemistry and he invented new meth, which was 99.1% pure in its nature. Jesse and White had to endure tremendous suffering and had to overcome impediments in order to attain their goal. Through their concealing journey, White had to encounter a lawyer named Saul Goodman. With his scintillating wit, he decides to help White and Jesse in their job and he asks for favors in return. 

This is the brief background of Saul Goodman, later known as Jimmy McGill in the Better Call Saul Series. The trials and tribulations of this criminal lawyer before he established his law office in Mexico as Saul Goodman.  It is a few years before he meets White when we meet him. Saul Goodman was a struggling working-class lawyer before he met Walter White. Throughout the year Jimmy has been constantly in pursuit of forging his identity. He was not a gullible person and his acuity made him feign his identity. With his incessant desire to get rid of this predicament, he found his abode in the name Saul Goodman.

Moreover, Jimmy had to lose his brother Chuck, and that loss made him decide to relinquish his family name. The long-festering loss made Jimmy’s life miserable and in order to escape from that, he incinerated his identity as Jimmy McGill. He never got the respect he deserved and no one would have imagined that Saul Goodman was actually Jimmy McGill, a tender-hearted guy who was in pursuit of becoming a well-acclaimed lawyer. 

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Jimmy could never gain his brother’s respect. The pain jimmy felt from Chuck’s suicide was indeed excruciating his role in it, made him distance himself from his family. Just having the surname makes him think about his brother. Though Chuck was an impudent character he was still his brother of Jimmy and he played an irrefutable part in his life. This is the central theme where the series Better Call Saul revolves.  Under the vile circumstances, Jimmy always tried harder to make a space for himself. There were umpteen hurdles to thwart him from achieving his dreams. But he was hell-bent on carving out a space for him. 

Later Jimmy is known by his business name and again later by the alias Gene Takavic. At the end of the series, Jimmy’s alias Gene miserably gets arrested and he presses his luck way too far. “ He really is doing this whole scam just to burn up his life”, star Bob Odenkirk said on AMC’s Talking Saul Aftershow. 

As not expected Gene gets arrested in Nebraska and is sentenced to 86 years in prison. Jimmy finally confesses his crimes and relentlessly takes ownership of everything he has done. The final scenes depict his appalling new life in prison and the plight of his embittered heart.  When we take it metaphorically, the persona of Saul Goodman died in the finale, and he eventually asserts that he is Jimmy McGill and thereby takes off the Goodman mask which he was concealing this whole time. 

Jimmy alias Gene, though he struggles to achieve everything in his life, he made his life a living hell by manipulating everyone. So in spite of his incessant efforts, he finally had to bend the knee in front of the law and he deserved the sentence. Now his life is full of cacophonies and he had to exist around the four walls. 

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