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Does The Rock Have A Twin Brother? All about Rock’s Twin Brother


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Rumors and gossip about celebrities are common these days and some of them turn out to be true while others remain just rumors. Dwayne Johnson’s Rumor about his twin brother has pushed him into the recent limelight.

Dwayne Johnson is a well-known celebrity who earned his name through wrestling. His masculine body and the way he fought in the ring made him a superstar. He is one of the world’s noted professional wrestlers of all time. His success went on when he stepped up to get fame in Hollywood. The last movie that he played the main character in was Red Notice. The movie was a blockbuster hit. His witty yet bold character earned many more fans through Baywatch and the  Jumanji movies.

Does Rock Have A Twin Brother?

Rumors have recently been heard about Rock’s Twin brother. We as fans of Dwayne are well aware of the fact that Dwayne has only two siblings- Curtis Bowles and Wanda  Bowles. Tanoai Reed is known for being a stunt replica of Dwayne. He is as tall as Dwayne and his sculpted body and his appearance when in a costume make him a ‘Rock’ Lookalike.

Does The Rock Have A Twin Brother? All about Rock's Twin Brother

Rock Movies

Tanoai Reed who was born in Hawaii is known to be an American wrestler. He has been used as a replica of Dwayne since the movie “Scorpion King”. The best part is, that Tanoai and Dwayne are cousins, and no wonder people think they are twins.

They have been together for around 20 years since movies were part of Dwayne’s career. So being an off-screen stunt double of Dwayne Johnson, Reed had gone through injuries performing several stunts. Reed also spoke in an interview about how in 2003 he went through a terrible time breaking his shin.

Tanoai also spoke about his struggle that happened after his ribs were fractured. In recent times, he also broke his ankle which kept him away from training. He was unable to walk around or run during those days. That’s when Dwayne’s gesture was known to be worthy when Reed was gifted with a brand new truck.

The Rock made it clear how much he valued that Reed spent all his efforts for him. Ligament tears and fractured bones are not minor, and hence the rock gave his support and thanked Reed for all his hard work.


Does The Rock Has A Brother

We have already mentioned the rock’s siblings

Curtis Bowles(Rock’s brother) and Wanda Bowles(Rock’s Sister).

Does The Rock Have A Twin Brother? All about Rock's Twin Brother

They are Rocky Johnson’s and Una Sparks’ (wife), two children, although much information about them is unavailable. His siblings are unlike him and hence they prefer to stay away from the fame that Dwayne has.

After divorcing Una, Rocky Johnson got along with Ata Johnson. Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson was born to Ata Johnson and Rocky Johnson in 1972.

Rock Family

Dwayne Johnson was born in Hayward, California, and was married to Dany Garica. They have not been together as partners but Dany Garcia, his former wife, continues to be his manager. His mother is a philanthropist who has been actively supporting The Rock Foundation.

The Rock Foundation supports uplifting people with disabilities, those with serious health problems, women, children, and homeless people. The rock was just 15 when his parents gave up on their relationship which made him move out of Hawaii. Dwayne then went to The Rock and attended President Theodore Roosevelt High School for around 3 years.


Digging deep into their life, there was no account available in Wanda’s name. Curtis had an Instagram account but it was unclear whether it had authenticity. There was no verification information available about the account. With this information in place, we cannot judge how close Rock was with his siblings when he was a child and now.

Rocky thanked all three of his children when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008.

Rocky, 75 died on the 15th of January, 2020. The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism caused by a blood clot found in his leg. After his father’s demise, Dwayne posted a touching video tribute on Instagram, and Curtis also spoke about how great and inspiring their father was.

Curtis mentioned how Rocky broke down barriers in the wrestling world.

“I’ve seen him work hard his whole life,” he told the newspaper. “I’ve seen him held down hard due to racial barriers as well.”

One thing is certain about the former WWE superstar turned successful actor/producer: he works extremely hard!

Shane Ray

Shane Ray was born in Oakland, California in July 1991, and grew up with their parents, SeVone Ray and Wendell Ray. He has worked with Dwayne Johnson for five years as his junior.

He went on to continue his college in Missouri when he turned out to be one of the finest football players in four years! Shane did win the SEC Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2014 and led his team to the top three times in a row!

The news that has been circulating about Dwayne Johnson’s twin brother is fake and it’s clear that Shane Ray is not his identical twin.

Must Read:

Shane Ray and The Rock have been successive in their life, building careers and fame. They might be similar but they do not have any identical personalities. This is why there has always been some uncertainty about their identity and relationship.

Shane and The Rock were not part of the same family and they share no birthdays that are similar!

Things talked about The rock’s twin brother is a ridiculous thing! But What if The Rock and Ray are long-lost or distant cousins who are from the same ancestral line.

Both these men have struggled a lot, to be what they are today. So they deserve loud applause and support to go ahead with their career furthermore.


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