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Candace Cameron Bure Apologizes To JoJo Siwa For The Red Carpet Interaction


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For the rude red carpet interaction, the American actress Candace Cameron Bure proffered an apology from the US dancer, Joelle Joanie, who is professionally known as Jojo Siwa. The former Aurora Teagarden Mysteries star took to her Instagram the actual grounds of why Siva, 19, addressed her as the rudest celebrity she ever met. 

On Tuesday, 26 July, Bure approached the dancer to clear the air in connection with the ugly incident that occurred on the red carpet. From the conversations the duo exchanged, the Full House came to realize that she had previously brushed off the then-teen Siwa, in front of thousands of people, during a promotional event of Fuller House in 2016. 

Candace Cameron Bure And Jojo Siwa

The former occurrence was not taken back after brushing out the speck of dust when the D.R.E.A.M star explained that she was insulted and rebuffed by the D.J Tanner of Fuller House when she approached her to take a selfie together. 

The 12-year-old dancer at the time was snuggled by the actress who reportedly showed her disgust in taking a picture with the young fan girl and moved to others to click pictures. 

Candace Cameron Bure Apologizes To JoJo Siwa For The Red Carpet Interaction

Cameron Bure realizing her past mistake stepped forward in seeking apologies over and again from the current star, for repulsing and breaking her little fan’s heart unknowingly. 

The mother of three also advanced her regret and begged her pardon to Siwa’s mother, apprehending how it should have affected her in the process. 

Meanwhile, Candace Cameron Bure and her fan girl, Jojo Siwa, who is also an established songstress and Youtuber, have clarified each other’s sides, and seemingly the duo acknowledged in their conversation that they are on good terms and Siwa seemed silly while explaining the then humiliative incident. 

The actress and singer together agreed that the fact that those previous happenings were no more a big deal for the barons. 

During the entire acquaintance, the 46-year-old actress was intending to portray a strong message that how mere words of fans can actually penetrate into the artist’s mind, for Siwa had no clue that her remarks would have sparked controversy and that it would be the headlines after days. 

The Puppy Love actor even emphasized the topic saying that the fame and the number of followers the person has was not a matter of consideration, as the actors are also humans, and often the words and actions that they receive affect them adversely, even if the reaction was fitted in a 10-second video that goes viral on TikTok. 

Regardless of how huge a person is, they too will get hurt if a single finger is ever raised. 

The squabble between the both aired on Sunday when the Youtuber uploaded a TikTok video of herself calling out to Cameron Bure, referring to her former ugly acquaintance. 

The clip shared by Siwa had a slew of other actress’s pictures along with Cameron Bure, upon which she wrote appropriate words as her crush, the rudest, nicest, and all, according to her. 

Candace Cameron Bure Apologizes To JoJo Siwa For The Red Carpet Interaction

Each tag was given to each celebrity who is featured in the video as a slideshow, which clearly portrayed the Hallmark star as the rudest, which raised the actress’s concern.

In the video, Siwa gave cute and perfect titles to the remaining actors and stuck the rudest titled one on the snap of Cameron Bure, in which the actress was seen on the sets of Fuller House. 

Coupled with laughing impressions, the Youtuber captioned the video as “ Poolday= exposed”

The issue gained even more publicity as the name of the actress dragged was Cameron Bure, who is a big shot in the industry. Following the headlines, the iconic star shared in her Instagram story, a verse from the bible that displayed her devotion to being a Christian. 

Must Read:

Since 2009, the hitmaker has been in 29 movies, including her blockbusters Some Kind Of Wonderful, Punchline,   The Uncertainty Principle, The Krew, F.R.E.D.I, The Wager, Monster Mash The Movie, Faith Of Our Fathers, and many more. 

Candace Cameron Bure Husband

For over 25 years, the Fuller House alum is married to Valerie Bure, the ex-ice hockey player. Over the years the duo had three children, Natasha Bure, Maksim Valerievich Bure, and Lev Valerievich Bure. 

The actress was never shy to talk about her marriage and never sealed her happiness or sorrow within her lips. It was Dave Coulier who served the role of a cupid between them both as he was the co-actor to Cameron Bure at the time.

She immediately fell in love with Valeri at a very young age and the actress was only 19 when she tied the knot with her husband and gladly, their relationship has grown stronger over the years, which often makes other fellows envious. 


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