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Britney Spears Won’t Have To Sit For Deposition In Legal Battle With Her Father


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The American singer and dancer, Britney Spears has marked another legal victory against her own father, Jamie Spears, following the new declaration made by the judge which stated that the singer would not be liable to sit for a deposition, whereas Jamie would be. The recent ruling on the conservatorship case was passed on July 27 by the judge, Brenda Penny which came out in favor of the pop star. It was Britney’s father, Jamie Spears who initially filed a lawsuit against the surveillance allegations raised upon him, as Jamie was the former conservator of Britney’s estate. 

Britney Spears Has Marked Another Legal Victory Against Her Own Father

At the hearing summoned on Wednesday, Jamie’s attorney kept on claiming that he was innocent and had done nothing illegal. The lawyer allegedly said that in Jamie’s role as a conservator, he had not accomplished anything wrong and that the agreement was already terminated in November 2021, completing 13 years. 

The legal representative even assured the court that Jamie would however be free from the blames sooner. 

Britney Spears Won't Have To Sit For Deposition In Legal Battle With Her Father

Meanwhile, Mathew Rosengart, Britney’s lawyer pleaded for decency to the court as he stood on his words which said that the Crossroads star would be re-traumatized if she were asked to make a deposition. He also highlighted that his client, Britney, had undergone traumas multiple times for which their opponent and her father, Jamie Spears were only accountable and that it would not be just to leave her to be traumatized again.

Rosengart stressed the decade-long harassment experienced by the Womanizer singer which seemed to have turned the table at the end time as the verdict came which made the singer and her team win. 

The judge soon after declined the other party’s allegation saying Jamie’s defense would not be considered and also ordered that there was no need for Britney to provide her father with her current address as well. 

According to the documentary titled, Controlling Britney Spears, it was revealed that the iconic singer was monitored even at home by her father. The surveillance allegation initially arose in 2021 after considering the documentary in which it was clearly stated that one of the singer’s security had alleged her father kept a hidden monitoring tool to access her phone and also attached a listening device in her bedroom, without Briteny’s approval. 


Alex Vlasov, the Black Box Security, revealed that Britney’s testimony had given him the courage to step up with what he knew. 

It was on June 23, that the sensational singer first opened up about her 13-year-long abusive conservatorship before the law. 

Rosengart, whom the singer had appointed earlier this year said that the unauthorized activity of monitoring the singer’s communications, especially those with her attorney, would be like dishonoring the legal system and also was a kind of violation of her rights. 

However, in the hearing, Jamie’s attorney reacted to it calling the allegations false and indecent. He added that the document contained no proof regarding the alleged accusation of spying on her by Jamie and denied that it was so because the incident had not even happened. 

In the final verdict, Rosengart asked Jamie to leave the Circus singer alone and leave so that she can lead a good life. 

Outside the courtroom, Rosengart confronted the media and talked about how Britney herself was accountable for longing on to her dignity and that her triumph was only up to her, both personally and professionally. 

The attorney also talked about the filthy actions of Jamie and his law team, which has been following Britney for a long time with allegations and profligate motions, which were even discovered by the judge herself. Rosengarten cleared his words when he said that Jamie must stop whatever he was doing to his daughter and that his motions were getting declined as a matter of law and that he should ultimately stop bothering Britney. 

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As per the ruling, Jamie would be a subject of investigation and he is still on the deposition hook, unlike the Criminal fame. Jamie is ordered by the Los Angeles court to sit for the deposition which stated that he and his teams had a time limit of 30 days to present the aforementioned documents and he is asked to complete the deposition on or before August 12, 2022. 

Although none of Jamie’s law representatives has reacted to the reporters, his lawyer was heard saying that he will be filing a writ, in which he will request someone to stop or start doing a particular thing. 

The lawyer talked about the writ outside the court, to the media, but no clarifications were given. 


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