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23 Million Californians Are Getting Ready To Receive ‘Inflation Relief’ With Gas Tax Rebate Checks


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Millions of Californian taxpayers will be given ‘inflation relief’ tax rebate payments right after the law authorities have finalized an agreement on the 2022-23 budget. The latest deal breaks off the state’s sales tax on diesel.

‘Inflation Relief’ With Gas Tax Rebate Checks

Earlier, the money was planned to distribute soon after the legislative leaders and California Gov. Gavin Newsom came up with the new agreement. The authorities got ready with the latest agreement which was officially announced last Sunday.

23 Million Californians Are Getting Ready To Receive 'Inflation Relief'

Based on the reports, around 23 million Californians are eligible to receive the payments of up to $1,050 as part of the inflation relief package, which is nearly $17 billion. This news was released from the Governor’s office recently.

California’s new budget release seems to be really relaxing for the California citizens who were badly suffering from the rising prices of every single thing from gas to groceries. The new plan promises to the local citizens to get their dollars back into their pockets who were really struggling with global inflation. 

The new deal that popped up actually resulted when California faced a huge gas price compared with the overall nation’s price. Millions of the citizens were trying hard to overcome the average price for a gallon of gas. Based on the reports shared by AAA, the price in California was nearly 30% higher than the average price in the nation. All this made Newsom come up with a new proposal for a gas tax refund in late March for the first time. The Government and the legislative leaders tried their best to pass the bills to stop the state taxes on gas. 

The new agreement also showcases the suspension of the state sales tax on diesel which got a higher record of $7 across California. 

All taxpayers get assured with a small portion of California’s record-setting $97 billion budget, the surplus. The state officials have come up with a finalized compromise that along with the vehicle owners, all taxpayers will receive the portion of the surplus budget. Both the lower and middle-income citizens of California will likely benefit the most from the new plan. If the residents are making out less money annually, then more gas money they will receive from the state.

In the case of single taxpayers who hold a yearly income of less than $75,000, and the couple who jointly make less than $150,000 yearly, will be eligible for $350 per taxpayer. The taxpayers with dependents will receive an additional $350. This means, that a couple earning $125,000 in total and sharing 2 children will receive $350 per adult plus $350 for their children, which will receive $1,050 in total. 

Single citizens whose annual earnings fall in a range between $125,000 and $250,000 and the couples who earn between $250,000 and $500,000 will be given $200 each and an additional $200 for their dependents. So, with this, a family will receive a maximum payment of $600.

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