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Britney Spears: New Track With Elton John Means For The Future Of Her Music Career


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The American singer and dancer newly appeared in a remix of ‘Tiny Dancer’ with Elton John. Britney Spears was in the recording studio with Elton John for the recording of a new song. Tiny Dancer was written by Elton John, the English singer, pianist, and composer. The track was originally released in late 1971. The hit song was beautifully composed by john for the album Madman Across the Water.

The track was a super duper hit and ranked 47th position on the list of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, 2021. The very same track was performed by the dancer Elton John. After decades, Elton seemed to be on the right track ahead and is now planning to come up with a remix of Tiny Dancer, his iconic song. But now, the old singer is not doing it all alone. Britney is accompanying Elton and was recently spotted in the recording studio last week. 

Britney Spears And Elton John Paired Up For Very First Time In Their Career

For Britney, the new recording seems to be her first new song since 2016. The singer, 40, recorded and released her album “Glory” in 2016 which was her ninth studio album. The album by American pop singer Britney Spears was released on August 26, 2016. For the very same album, the pop singer was then flooded with millions of positive reviews and was praised for her outstanding vocal performance. 

Glory got tagged to be the best album on the year-end list by several publications. Now, after long years of gap, the amazing singer is stepping onto her very latest album ‘Tiny Dancer’ with the singer Elton.

Britney Spears New Track With Elton John Means For The Future Of Her Music Career

The news about their new track recording hit the Internet on July 25, Monday. The singers confirmed the news, and they even voiced that the release of the album will be in August 2022.

After the news spread on air, the fans of both are eagerly waiting to catch the glimpse of the performance after a very long gap. ‘The duet combo is all for the very first time, and their performance together is a must-watch thing’, one of the fans added.

Although Britney Spears loved to get back on track and longed to be in the studio, the latest reports show that the singer was not seemed to be in a full-fledged music profession yet. The Princess of Pop is keenly looking forward to the response of her buffs and the audience to her all-new album with John. she is now curiously looking for the release of the album as she needs to know how everyone reacts to the track. Once she gets to know the response, then only she is moving forward with recording more. 

The key thing to point out is that in-depth details of the track still seem wholly wrapped, and only a few sparse are showcased to view by the public. As some of the rough cuts are keenly visible to the public, based on the available hints, the majority of the audience reported it as an extraordinary track. 

Elton John And His Collaborations

The hinted parts of the track which were out made the listeners fall in love with the track and they heartfully reported that the track is phenomenal. In the rough cuts, Britney’s voice reflected her dedication, and it felt like she has done it right from her heart. The voice she made directly from the heart highlighted her unique way of singing. Her singing seems to be pretty lovely as usual. This time too she reflected in her own real voice, and it gives her a positive move for the rest of her album-making ahead.

Previous records show that Elton John, in 2021, came out with a remix version of his old track ‘Cold Heart’. The track was given a whole new feel by pairing it with the English singer and songwriter – Dua Lipa. 

The track which was made out by the super hit pairing of Elton and Dua took the track to great heights, and it won Billboard Music Award for Top Dance/ Electronic Song in 2021. 


The fans of Elton were waiting for his new track to release. As they knew that the new track too will feature some other singer to pair with him, they never expected the name, Britney Spears. But once the pair was revealed the audience and the fans jumped with great rejoice. Many shared on social media that the two powerful singers are back again.

Britney and Elton are friends for years, and the lady singer loved to perform a track with Elton just like he did with Dua. 

The pop singer then shared her wish with Elton, and they had long time discussions together and finally summed up to perform Tiny Dancer, and they knew it will be the perfect fit for them by all means. 


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