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Ashley Judd Confirms That Naomi Judd Committed Suicide!


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On Thursday, Ashley Judd, the daughter of Naomi Judd, a country singer who won a Grammy, shared the news that her mother had passed away. During an appearance on the morning show Good Morning America on ABC, Ashley discussed her mother’s passing when she was 76 years old. 

The Circumstances Of Naomi’s Last Day Were Described In Detail By Ashley 

Tennessee’s capital, Nashville, Following the death of Ashley Judd’s mother, the country music legend Naomi Judd, Ashley Judd advocated for others to seek treatment for their mental health issues.

According to Judd, the woman’s mother, who battled depression for a significant amount of time before passing away on April 30, will confirm that her daughter used a firearm.

There was a gun in the house.” Once the autopsy results were made public, everyone would know that Ashley’s mother had committed suicide by shooting herself in the head, but Ashley did not want to let anybody else control the news.

Wynonna decided against participating in an interview with ABC because she did not feel ready to discuss the recent passing of her mother, which was still very current in her thoughts. The circumstances of Naomi’s last day were described in detail by Ashley. 


She had only gone to her mother’s house in Nashville for a brief period to catch up with a family acquaintance. According to the young woman, Ashley found her mother dead after she had shot herself while telling her that she had a visitor.

She said that the sadness experienced by her mother was acknowledged and comprehended. Despite this, Ashley asserted that her mother eventually lost the ability to deal with everything that was going on. When discussing mental illness, it is essential to distinguish between the affected loved one and the disease itself, as she pointed out. 


She said, she means, that is the amount of tragedy that was going on inside of her. The deception that the disease told, namely that you are unloved, unworthy, and unworthy of love, was so convincing that it was impossible to ignore. Her mind was in excruciating agony, and she was in severe bodily anguish.

Naomi and Wynonna had planned to perform in venues together before Naomi’s passing. The Judd’s have had a string of songs about marriage and family that have become chart-topping singles and earned multiple Grammy Awards over nearly three decades. 

Naomi was diagnosed with hepatitis in 1991, which was right about when the medical establishment was reaching the zenith of its powers. She disclosed in an interview that she did in 2017 that once she stopped performing, a significant decline occurred in her mental health.


She continued by saying that as soon as she returned from the tour, she immediately sank into a black and terrifying hole. She continued; she didn’t move from my couch for two years. 

Before she and Wynonna began singing together and incorporating bluegrass, acoustic music, and blues into their compositions, Naomi, Diana Ellen Judd’s given name, worked as a nurse. Naomi’s real name is Diana Ellen Judd. 

Larry Strickland, Naomi’s husband, was a backup vocalist for Elvis Presley and is one of her many surviving relatives. Larry Strickland is also Naomi’s spouse.


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