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Top NewsArkansas Police Beating! Arkansas Officers Suspended After Video Shows...

Arkansas Police Beating! Arkansas Officers Suspended After Video Shows A Man Being Beaten


Three police officers in the U.S. state of Arkansas have been suspended after a video showing them beating and kneeing a suspect went viral.

The incident occurred Sunday in Crawford County, Arkansas. The viral video shows three police officers climbing on top of the suspect, punching him in the head, and kicking him several times with their knees. The video also shows one of the police officers pointing at the person recording the video, telling him to stop recording the event.

Arkansas Officers Suspended After Video Shows A Man Being Beaten

Arkansas State Police are investigating what happened when three officers were seen on video holding and beating a man outside a grocery store. This incident has caused outrage on social media.

Arkansas Police Beating! Arkansas Officers Suspended After Video Shows A Man Being Beaten

The incident occurred at a time when videos from body cameras and cell phones continue to show that police officer across the U.S. are rude and abusive. A deputy in Florida recently resigned after a video showed him pointing his gun at a pregnant black woman during a traffic stop.

The reports that Arkansas police responded Sunday to a report of a man who allegedly threatened employees at a convenience store in the area and then rode his bicycle to Mulberry, a town northwest of Little Rock.

Video of the incident shows a South Carolina man named Randall Worcester being pinned to the ground while two officers beat him and kneed him.

On Sunday, the 27-year-old Worcester was taken to a hospital for treatment. After being released from the hospital, he was arrested at a local jail on charges including second-degree assault, resisting arrest, and terroristic threats, according to state police.

Two deputies from the nearby Crawford County Sheriff’s Office have been suspended while the investigation into their use of force continues. One Mulberry Township police officer has been placed on leave. The officers’ names have not yet been released.

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Arkansas State Police said in a statement that only how the deputies and the officer used physical force is under investigation. “When the investigation is complete, the file will be sent to the Crawford County District Attorney. He or she will decide whether the officers’ use of force was legal under Arkansas law.”

Meanwhile, in Florida, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason DeSue resigned after a traffic stop in which he was rude to one of a woman’s children was caught on camera.

Ebony Washington, a mother of three, told 11 News she was speeding when DeSue pulled her over and asked her to slow down. The surveillance camera video shows that when DeSue turned on her hazard lights, she told her, “Pull over or I’m going to ram you into the ground.”

Washington said she was looking for a well-lit place to pull over before stopping at a nearby gas station. After she pulled over, DeSue raised his gun, pointed it at her car, and yelled, “If you move, this will be your last mistake.” Washington took her hands out the window of the car, but she didn’t know DeSue had a gun until he told her.

Washington said she tried to talk to DeSue and told him she didn’t stop earlier because she was four months pregnant and her children were in the car. DeSue replied in the video: “Stop talking about why.” In the video, he can be seen grabbing Washington by the arm and forcibly handcuffing her. He gave her a speeding ticket, and Washington said he was sorry.

A spokesman for the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office told Action News Jax that DeSue, who has only been with the department since 2020, had been in trouble before and signed a “last chance” agreement. Brad Smith, the agency’s chief deputy, said, “His name-calling was intolerable, and we weren’t going to stand for it.”

“If I had moved in any way other than what he ordered me to do, he would have had a chance to pull the trigger”.

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