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EntertainmentnewsWhere Is Kiely Rodney? What Happened To Kiely Rodney!

Where Is Kiely Rodney? What Happened To Kiely Rodney!


Kiely Rodni is a California girl who is young. and what happened to her? Kiely Rodney is a young girl from California. She has been on social media since she went missing in California. She was last seen at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday. According to reports, Kiely Rodni is suspicious about Rodney’s disappearance because he might have been kidnapped.

Her friend told her to “be careful. Don’t be stupid!” before she left the party at a campground in California on Saturday morning. But she didn’t stay to hear His.

What Happened To Kiely Rodney!

Then Tuesday night, a report said Jagger Westfall said, “I don’t know where he is.” “So far, we haven’t found anything that could be used as a starting point for further investigation. But I know for a fact that he is alive and well. I’m sure we can get him back to his family safely.”

Where Is Kiely Rodney? What Happened To Kiely Rodney!

According to local police, she was at a Kiely-Rodni party with “more than 100 children and young adults” at the Prosser Family Campground about 10 miles north of Truckee. Since Kiley left the party, his phone has been turned off and his silver 2013 Honda CRV with California license plate 8YUR127 has not been seen.

People in Kiley’s family said he sent a text message to his mother during the party that said he was leaving in 45 minutes and would “go straight home.” He then put the phone away. Rodney-Nieman told To The Source she simply disappeared without a trace.

According to news and social media reports, more than 260 people on the ground and in the air have searched unsuccessfully for the missing girl. Police released a photo of Kiley from the day she disappeared. It also said he was last seen a few hours after visiting a store in Truckee, California.

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On The Same Day, Two Other People Disappeared Nearby

A California woman and her ex-boyfriend never returned from a trip to Reno, Nevada. They were about 35 miles away from a large search operation for a girl who disappeared the day before.

Janette “JJ” Pantoja, 29, and Juan Almanza Zavala, 36, were supposed to be coming home from the Hot August Nights car show on Aug. 7.

According to her sister Alejandra Pantoja, they broke up years ago but remained friends. She said it was not uncommon for them to go out to dinner or attend events together, even though she was now in a new relationship.

Janette Pantoja told her current boyfriend via text message that she would be home in 30 minutes at 11 p.m. on Aug. 6. Her sister says that she sent this message to her boyfriend.

Thirty minutes passed, but she did not show up. Alejandra Pantoja told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that he received a message on his phone telling him that she had stopped telling him where she was.

“She just stopped saying anything,” Alejandra Pantoja said of her, “That’s not her style.”

Yuba City police said the two people’s phones were last used in Nevada County, California, but a search of the area turned up nothing.

Police believe the two were driving Almanza Zavala’s blue 2002 Ford Explorer SUV with license plate 4SNS072.

They were traveling from Reno, Nevada, to Yuba City, California, where they lived. Kiely Rodney, 16, was last seen 23 hours ago at the Prosser Family Campground in the Tahoe National Forest, which is about 35 miles northwest of Reno. The last time Pantoja and Almanza Zavala’s phones were turned on was in Penn Valley, 75 miles to the west.

A spokesman for the Yuba City Police Department said investigators have found no evidence that the two cases are related. Alejandra Pantoja, however, has a problem with the fact that so many people are looking for Rodney while her sister’s case gets little attention.

“I found the police officer in Yuba City quite rude,” she said, “I called them today to find out how my sister is doing and they said we can’t talk to you every day.

Alejandra Pantoja said of Yuba City, “They told us they were going to do an aerial search, but they didn’t. “I feel like they’re giving [possible suspects] time to flee in case something happened to them or he did something to her.”

According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, Rodney disappeared from a party of 200 to 300 teens and young adults at the Prosser Family Campground in the Tahoe National Forest. She was last seen shortly after midnight on Aug. 6.

“How come they’re making a big deal about her, but not about our family member?” said Alejandra Pantoja. “This is not right.”

A deputy with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, which is involved in both investigations, did not immediately answer the phone when asked for comment.

Investigators working on Rodni’s case said Monday they were narrowing the search. That came after 10 days of intensive land, sea, and air searches that expended nearly 16,000 man-hours but found nothing.

According to her sister, Janette Pantoja has shoulder-length hair with dark roots and blond highlights. She is 5’7″ tall and has brown eyes. She has several tattoos, including a red rose with a stem on her arm.

Rodney is said to weigh about 118 pounds and be 5’7″ tall. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are hazel. She has the number “17” tattooed on her ribs. Her friends say she has a nose ring and several other piercings, and that she was wearing three gold necklaces the night she disappeared.

According to authorities, she was wearing green Dickies pants, a black studded belt, and a black bodysuit with spaghetti straps. She may have been wearing a pink and white hoodie with the words “ODD FUTURE” or a dark gray hoodie with Lana Del Rey’s lyrics on it.

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