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Married At First Sight‘s Couple Noi Phommasak And Steve Moy Announced Their Breakup


It’s an end to the married First Sight duo Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy’s relationship. On 10th July the pair announced their split on an Instagram post, after a month of getting married on season 14 of the lifetime’s dating show.

Married At First Sight‘s Couple Noi Phommasak And Steve Moy Announced Their Breakup

Noi Phommasak posted on her Instagram about her split from her husband with the short word ‘Divorce feels good,’ on the other hand, her ex-husband Steve Moy posted a laughy message.

Married At First Sight‘s Couple Noi Phommasak And Steve Moy Announced Their Breakup

In the message, he is telling his fans about the break-up and how he is dealing with the situation.

What Did Steve Moy Post?

Steve Moy posted a long message on his Instagram account. According to him, he did not expect it but he was prepared to handle it.

When he said yes on the decision day, he knew that their relationship was far from perfect but he held the belief that with enough time, effort, and understanding they could overcome the challenges they faced.

They are trying to build a healthy, functioning relationship.

Over time, he has lost hope that this could happen. The belief that they are incompatible in ways that attempt at compromise can’t seem to fix or overcome.

He still believes that their relationship is unsustainable in its correct form. After many attempts, he doesn’t want to believe that they can get it to the point where it is functioning at a level that is healthy enough where the needs of the couple are met. He further said that they have been apart for a little while now, to the point of moving on, with hope pretty much fading for any chance they could recover.

Although he decided that he was still holding out for the potential for true change, there were signs that it just would not happen. The surprise announcement is nothing but a sign that it’s time to let go. He will always love Noi. He regrets that they could be a better fit for each other without compromising themselves. He wishes that they can remain cordial, and at some point, they can remain in touch.

He enjoyed having Noi in his life when things were good. There are many things that unfortunately he can’t ignore, and proceed with the relationship confidently.

What Did Noi Phommasak Reply?

In a reply, Noi Phommasak Said that Stave asked her first about the divorce. She asked him to stay but he was the one who asked her for the divorce.

Though the comment is deleted. Noi further said that her ex-husband Steve never checked on her dog Sushi even after knowing that he is dying of cancer after all the necessary treatments stopped working. She wrote that during the time she was vulnerable, and her heart was breaking outside of this.

According to Noi, Steve is not heartbroken. She said Stave should stop acting for everyone else. He chose to involve her in the final decision. Noi said that Stave told the lie and that he was never allowed to talk about it.

Noi announced through her Instagram post and shared glimpses of her beach vacay via her Instagram story. Many of her pictures are set with sad songs.

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