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You Should Check Out The Simpsons’ IT Tribute Episode


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On October 30, The Simpsons will perform some serious clowning around before terrifying you with their yearly Treehouse of Horror trilogy. The episode of the animated Fox comedy airing on October 23 will parody Stephen King’s It and present its version of a murderous clown who more than vaguely resembles Krusty. And a few frightening pieces of fan art served as inspiration for this episode.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Matt Selman said, “I was like, ‘We might as well create relevant to the tattoos folks now have of Pennywise Krusty. “Let’s take a step in that direction. Give them what they desire.” The winning piece of Krusty fan art will be displayed toward the program’s conclusion.

Krusto From “Not It” replacing Pennywise

The 27-year gap between the tales from Stephen King’s original novel series is reflected in “Not It” divisions into two distinct segments. With Krusty (now “Krusto”) as the major monster here, it not only lends naturally to the kinds of visual jokes one would expect if Pennywise the Clown Krusty were substituted, but Krusty’s hunger for laughter also fuels the overall way this new character functions.


The characters from Springfield have been completely changed. The tale is quick to take large swings for its gags. Of course, this is outside the main canon and now takes place in “Kingfield.” Examples include Superintendent Chalmers becoming a bully known as “Super Intense Kid Chalmers” since all the grownups in the first chapter are younger. And that’s not even considering the new dynamics of its main cast, which ultimately includes Comic Book Guy in a humorous and important position.

Before everything, including the amazing fan art, is revealed to you, you should check out all the additional content that makes this an enjoyable experience. For the time being, you may watch this episode and the remainder of Season 34’s current episodes on Hulu.

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Krusto and his Kingfield adventures

The 30-minute episode, titled “Not It,” weaves between the past and present to give viewers winks at Its children-centered plot and its follow-up, It Chapter Two, which saw Pennywise reappear when those traumatized youngsters were adults.

When a monstrous clown named Krusto begins killing the kids in Kingfield, young Homer teams up with the other outcasts from his middle school to defeat the dreadful monster. But decades later, Krusto is back on the hunt, and this time Homer & Co. must defeat the painted face of terror. In this specific episode, the characters’ adult selves don’t exist in the same world as you might expect.


Selman claims the evil clown uses Moe’s dread of ventriloquist dummies from childhood. He then overcomes his phobia as an adult by emerging as the ventriloquist equivalent of Criss Angel. Selman also points out that The Simpsons attempted to cast King, who appeared as himself in an episode from 2000, for the part of a magical gravedigger but, sadly, “he passed.”

What Will You See In The Episode?

Young Barney burps up some milk in the exclusive film as he walks into the flooded street to engage with his toy boat. When Barney the grownup accidentally launches his paper boat into the gutter, a place he has become accustomed to, he discovers Krusto, who claims to be the funniest clown in the entire world, in the sewer. Barney finds that disturbing since he believes that most people who have to tell you they are hilarious aren’t funny. But he nevertheless extends his hand into the gutter to recover his boat as Krusto commands. You will witness how Krusty’s ravenous, razor-sharp teeth go into action.

“Not It” is the first of two Treehouse of Horror episodes premiering this fall, despite only unfolding one terrifying tale; Selman claims that this is because it takes place in the same Halloween universe as murder, mayhem, blood, being afraid, human weakness, and other such things. The classic Treehouse of Horror trilogy will be available the following Sunday.

If you’re keeping score, that’s number XXXIII. One of the segments will pay homage to the Death Note anime masterpiece, and Selman teases that the final section defies one of creator Matt Groening’s tenets: the Simpsons must never be made aware that their characters are part of a television program.

Treehouse Of Horror: What’s next?

The Simpsons annually honor Halloween with the customary Treehouse of Horror special. However, this year was a little unusual because Season 34 also included a complete episode honoring Stephen King’s renowned book that has since become a multimedia franchise, IT.

In addition to being one of the best seasons in recent memory, which is consistent with a pattern observed in recent seasons as the series has found a newfound vigor, this special is also among the best Halloween episodes of the series in a very long time.

You Should Check Out The Simpsons' IT Tribute Episode

Season 34 saw the premiere of “Not It,” a parody of Stephen King’s horror classic It. The Simpsons is back for a Halloween special called Treehouse of Horror XXXIII that includes three parts that provide unique perspectives on The Babadook, Westworld, and a comprehensive Death Note spoof titled “Death Tome.” There have been early glimpses of the Death Note homage, the second part of the special, revealing the first appearance of characters like Marge and Homer in distinctive anime art forms.

The short boasts outstanding animations thus far, thanks to the South Korean studio DR Movie, which has collaborated on shows like Avatar and Teen Titans. It is extremely promising.

In addition to the visuals, a short has also been released that depicts Lisa Simpson as the recipient of the potent “Death Tome.” Set in a polluted dystopian city, Lisa complains about the situation, claiming that we deserve to go extinct because we are 20 cow farts away from it.

Lisa will likely embark on a mission to change the world with her newly acquired ability, encountering unexpected outcomes. Sherri and Terri’s animated counterparts and Disco Stu are teased in the background. On October 30, at 8 PM EST, the special Treehouse of Horror XXXIII episode airs on FOX affiliates and is available the following day on Hulu.

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