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Netflix Upcoming Horror Mystery Series 1899 Trailer Is Out Now


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We can speak for everyone when we are enthusiastic about the debut of the first trailer for the new thriller drama series 1899 on Netflix. The show depicts a group of European refugees whose journey to begin a new life in New York becomes a nightmare when they find another migrant ship drifting at sea.

Dark, the critically acclaimed German sci-fi thriller that premiered on the streaming service, was created by the same team.

A 19th-century migration ship bound for New York is the setting for the international horror series 1899 on Netflix. Fans of the popular spooky German drama Dark, which focused on the search for missing children in a small town with a dark history, will like the new Netflix series 1899.

1899 (tv series) Release Date

1899 is a multilingual television series produced by the team behind Dark in which the cast will talk in the native tongue of each character. The eight-part drama takes place in 1899, the same year as Dark, but on a migrant steamer sailing from London to New York, carrying a diverse group of European passengers.

1899 Release Date

Additionally, as is customary for the duo behind the project, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, they are creating something special and distinctive, except this time, every actor speaks in their home tongue. The protagonists do, however, have one trait: before long, their dreams of the promised land of America descend into terrifying nightmares.

CreatorsBaran bo Odar
Release dateNovember 17, 2022
Countries Of OriginGermany United States
Official SiteNetflix
Filming LocationsBerlin, Germany
Production CompaniesDark Ways Netflix
StarsAnton Lesser
Emily Beecham
Aneurin Barnard

Another mesmerizing, heart-poundingly spooky movie from the stable of the makers of the German science fiction thriller Dark is likely to send blood pumping. With Netflix, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are working on two projects, the second of which, 1899, is expected to be just as captivating as the first.

Although it is consistent with their aesthetic tendency to serve up dread and thrill in equal measure, this project takes a significantly different direction, one that leans more toward mystery and less prominently incorporates time travel.

A genuinely global production is eager to portray the linguistic diversity of Europe, 1899 features various European languages. It is an appropriate montage of European culture, joining Polish, French, Spanish, and German.


1899 Plot

A group of European immigrants making their way to New York City are the story’s focus. Diverse European ethnicities make up the passengers, who are brought together by their desire to start over on a new continent. They are hopeful for a smooth voyage and the start of a new century, but unanticipatedly they stumble across another migrant ship on the sea that has been adrift for weeks.

A fascinating web of secrets was revealed due to this interaction, some specific to the passengers. They do appear to be all fleeing from something, though. Emily Beecham plays the mysterious passenger Maura Franklin, who serves as the show’s central character and plot driver.

Because these travelers are from all over Europe—Poland, France, Germany, Spain, and England—the turmoil is made more complicated. There is a collision of cultures, and some people find it difficult to communicate clearly.

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1899 Cast

The ensemble cast of 1899 hails from several countries. Emily Beecham will play the character of Maura Franklin. Her most notable performance was in the drama Litte Joe as Alice Woodard. Cruella, Hail Caesar!, and The Pursuit of Love are some of her other motion pictures. Andreas Pietschmann, who portrayed the adult Jonas, will be recognized by Dark fans.


He would take the lead role this time as Eyk Larsen in 1899. The series will also feature Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard, best known for his roles as Gibson in Dunkirk and Davey in Hunky Dory. Miguel Bernardeau from Spain, Mathilde Ollivier from France, Rosalie Craig from England, Maciej Musial from Poland, and Jonas Bloquet from Belgium are other European actors.

In addition to the cast, as mentioned above, members Gabby Wong, Fflyn Edwards, Yann Gael, José Pimento, Martin Greis-Rosenthal, Anton Lesser, Maria Erwolter, and Isabella Wei also appeared. These performers will communicate with their fellow performers in the show in their own languages.

1899 Release date

On November 17, 2022, Netflix will make 1899 available globally. The series debuted with two episodes at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14, 2022. Eight hour-long episodes make up the series, with The Ship serving as the show’s pilot.

The creators of the 1899 television series, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, talked about what connected them to the show’s premise. It was the idea of producing an authentically European program with a cast of people from many nations. The central question is what brings us together and what keeps us apart, and how the latter can be triggered by fear.

Where To Watch 1899

You can watch the show when it debuts on Netflix on November 17, 2022. The world’s most popular online entertainment provider, Netflix has 130 million paying subscribers in more than 190 countries who enjoy TV shows, documentaries, and feature films in various genres and languages.

On any screen linked to the internet, members are free to watch as much as they want at any time. Members can watch without interruptions or obligations by playing, pausing, and resuming.

1899 Trailer

You may pique your interest in 1899 by watching the official trailer, which is spooky. Netflix previously posted a teaser trailer and additional footage from Twitter. The 1899 teaser debuted on June 6, 2022, as part of Netflix’s weeklong celebration of genre entertainment known as #GeekedWeek. The teaser shows a group of individuals aboard a mysterious ship who are “all running away from something,” as narrated by a girl named Moira Franklin, played by Emily Beecham.


Smash cuts in the trailer depict a lady being tortured and another woman fleeing through the woods in terror, suggesting that while attempting to flee their traumatic pasts, dreadful things may be in store for the ship’s passengers. We know a tiny fraction of what is possible. The makers of DARK have released 1899, their newest mind-bending mystery.

Fans were given a brief preview of what to expect when a minute-long teaser was released on June 6, 2022. Dark fans will be accustomed to frequent mysterious symbols and odd-looking relics. The sophisticated nature of the project is demonstrated in moments with stunning costume designs and visual effects. Like other teasers, it presents you with more inquiries than answers, and because it is a mystery horror, the lack of information is much more obvious.

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