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Winona Ryder Looking Back At Her Relationship With Johnny Depp 


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Recently, Winona Ryder has opened up her heart by detailing the struggles she faced in the 90s after she spits up with Johnny Depp, the star of Pirates Of The Caribbean. Ryder is one of the leading stars in Stranger Things, the very successful Netflix original series.

Years back, between 1989 and 1993, Winona was in a deep relationship with Depp and got happily engaged to the renowned star for long three years. Right after their breakup, it was seen that the tattoo once Depp scripted ‘Depp’s Winona forever’ changed to ‘Winona forever’.

Winona Ryder Opens Up About Her Relationship With Johnny Depp

Ryder and Depp met in 1989 at the New York premiere of Great Balls of Fire, soon fell into a love relationship, and eventually parted ways in 1993. 

In a recent interview, the Stranger Things star Ryder well described her love life and breakup phase with Depp referencing her 1999 movie, Girl, Interrupted real life. The movie dealt with the life of a girl who was struggling with mental health issues. 

Winona Ryder still remembers the hard time she had during her breakup. She said that, In that movie, she played the main role of the girl who was going through her rough time and ended up getting totally tortured in a Chilean prison. The fake bruises and cuts on her face, which were done for the movie made Ryder hard to see herself as that little girl. She even felt the character she was playing reflected herself. 

Winona Ryder Looking Back At Her Relationship With Johnny Depp 

After breaking up with Depp, she was not even taking care of herself and was totally lost.

The love life they shared together seemed to be lovey and inspiring. They stood together and once shared, ‘Now we know what true love is and how it feels”. 

In 2016, Amber Heard, Depp’s ex-wife filed a domestic violence case against him amid their divorce. Winona, who usually keeps mum about her personal life, stood up and reacted to such an abusive case filed against the actor. She said that Depp was very caring and loving during their relationship for four years. She had not faced any such abuse from Depp’s side. The words she delivered at that time showed her love for him and surely his innocence.

What she said about Johnny Depp was all from her personal experiences with him during their love life.  

Ryder even added, “I don’t know what actually happened between them. I don’t like to call anyone a lier and what I told is only from my own life experience”. 

Ryder met Depp when he was just 17, and she said, “I didn’t see him getting violent even once in our relation to me or towards another person”.


However, the support from Ryder seems no bad blood between the ex-lovers. Ryder is not ready to believe her ex as a wife-beater,  and she never believes in such a stupid allegation. 


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