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Redo Of Healer Season 2 Release Date Confirmed!! Did The Show Get Renewed?


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Not with standing all of the criticism and disagreement that accompanied the very first season of Redo Of Healer, there has already been widespread support for the second season. Echi and harem tales are now only revealed on the flawless segment of the internet. Behind-the-scenes personnel are always anxious to see these kinds of narratives, regardless of genre. 

Redo Of Healer- Release Date And Plot

Redo Of Healer’s Second season in particular not only has the most evident components of the tale, but it also offers an overarching plotline component. So, will viewers be able to enjoy the second edition of this gloomy fantasy novel? What is the cause behind the series’ failure to be renewed?

Redo Of Healer Season 2 Release Date Confirmed!!

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, commonly referred to as Redo Of Healer, is a gloomy fantasy story serial that started in December 2016 with the very first volume. Rui Tsukiyo, who seems to be its originator, established the concept. Having followed the manga’s release in 2017, an anime adaptation was formally announced after. 

Studio TNK created the very first segment of the animation, which aired in January 2021. The controversy regarding season two has revived now that so much time has gone. In the event, this is everything supporters need to understand about the franchise’s plans for the future.

Expected release date Of Healer Season 2

The first chapter came to a close quite some time ago. Followers of the program are eagerly anticipating the next installments. Concerning the continuation, there are no formal statements. There has been no remark from the makers on this subject.

The program had an anticipated cancellation, but according to the most recent information, Season 2 of Redo of Healer will premiere in 2022. Many people believe they will be able to deploy it in March of 2022. So, fingers crossed, your unwavering prayers will bear fruit.

Expected Plot of Redo of Healer 

The very first season was mostly concerned with introducing the protagonists to the rest of the world. It tells the story of Keyaru, who has been exploited by his patrons. However, he changed his mind after learning that selling his body is both immoral and exhausting.

He then learned that becoming a curing wizard is the highest level of magic. He began to feel sorry for the girl who had quickly become a part of everyday life. But he wants to educate Bullet teaching for hurting his physique in the first place.

In season 2, we shall be transported to Keyaru’s objective, where he is on the lookout for his tormentors. In the coming years, he might face Bullet. Bullet, on the other hand, will also have two additional motivations to follow Keyaru. The first one is his sexual desire for him, and the second is his obedience to the king’s command.


The very first season was panned given a large number of abstract sequences, excellent animation, and a cruel and intense plot. So, would the producers keep portraying the character the very same way, or will they try something new?

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