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Where Is Milton Sawyer Wife Angel Sawyer Now?


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Angel Sawyer, Milton Sawyer wife, was the one who first told people about his death. Now many people want to know what happened to her and where she is now.

What Happened to Angel Sawyer?

Angel went to her neighbor’s house on August 2, 2018, covered in blood and said that someone broke into her house and killed her husband.

When her neighbor saw how upset she was, he immediately called 911. When police arrived, they found her 55-year-old husband dead.

Initially, police thought it was a robbery gone bad because there were signs of a struggle and the closet had been ransacked. However, according to Oxygen, the investigation revealed a different story.

When Angel opened the bedroom door to get a snack, she saw a man wearing a mask. Police spoke with Angel at the hospital.

“He was screaming and holding a gun and a mask. He used a lot of bad words. He told her to ‘get on the fucking floor’ and give me all your fucking money,” she told police in a recorded statement that Oxygen’s Snapped was able to obtain.

“He took him to the bathroom. He pinned Milton Sawyer to the floor. His hands were cuffed. And he kept telling me, ‘You need to come down, b****,'” Angel said.

At first, the case seemed clear-cut, but as police investigated further, they ran into problems with the idea that it was a robbery gone bad.

Special Agent Steven Norman of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation was one of those who questioned the story after a search revealed that the suspected thief had entered through the back door with a key left on a table.

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“It’s interesting because I haven’t seen anything like this in other crimes I’ve investigated. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a key just lying around,” he told Oxygen’s Snapped.

Later, when Angel was alleged to have had an affair with her physical therapist, Isaac Melcher, police in Elizabeth City began to question the motive again, according to the Daily Advance newspaper.

When police questioned them, both Angel and Isaac denied having an affair. However, when Isaac’s friend in Oregon told police that Isaac had confessed to the murder, the picture became clearer.

reports says that Angel and Isaac were arrested on Aug. 21, 2018, and charged with first-degree murder of Milton.

The Daily Advance reports Angel was found guilty of murder and planning murder in September 2021. After that, he was given a sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole.

Isaac was also sentenced to prison, but received only 20 years because he pleaded guilty to a lesser offense of second-degree murder and testified against Angel.

According to the Daily Advance, he will likely be out of prison in 2042.

How Was Milton Sawyer injured?

In Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Milton Sawyer was very popular and ran a successful antique store called Treasure Hunter.

In addition to selling collectibles, the store also bought and sold gold.

According to Oxygen, outside of work Milton Sawyer was known as a family man and loving father who looked forward to starting a family together with Angel.

His life was cut short, however, when he was killed.

When police arrived, Milton Sawyer was lying on his back with his hands tied behind his back.

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