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HBO Westworld Season 4 Episode 2: What Happened To Maeve’s Powers?


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The madam of Sweetwater, Maeve Millay, has ceased with all of her powers in the second premiere episode of Westworld season 4, which started to air on June 26, this year.

The HBO original, Westworld finally returned this June after the team made an announcement in 2020 when they wrapped up with season 3.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 2 Maeve Lacking Her Special Ability

The character played by the English actress, Thandiwe Newton is not a nemesis or a foe, and neither is she a friend, however, Maeve is found to be lacking any special ability in the present season.

The fictional character primarily used her voice to hold everything around her within her palms in the very first season. She then later in the second season, discovered the telepathy tricks under her power and began to use that frequently.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 2 What Happened To Maeve’s Powers

It was a real treat when Maeve evolved from almost least power to the maximum with the unique ability of technology-based potencies that in Westworld season 3, the character can even exchange words with a security camera as well.

The American science-fiction dystopian television series offers one of the prominent roles for Thandiwe and her power in the previous three seasons, deserves appreciation as she is not at all harmful to the Hosts, but could be an actual threat to the human rivals as they have got always something to do with the technologies, whereas Maeve has the hold on the tiniest of technologies to the greatest of it, which is capable of destroying them.

Disappointingly, her powers have vanished and she seems like lost all of her control over the things and creatures around her. The power-lacking Maeve was portrayed in the second episode of Westworld season 4, Well Enough Alone.

Look Back To Westworld Season 3

The brothel madam in the local Mariposa saloon was set out with the main protagonist of season 3, Caleb Nichols, who is the blue collared construction worker, to find the roots that led Billy to attack them. However, they cross paths with Wiliam’s pal,  senator Ken Whitney, who was already a Host, along with his wife. Just when Maeve tried to cease him, Ken did not stop and after multiple failed attempts, Maeve felt exhausted and ended up using her old way of defense.

Maeve was however able to control the CCTV camera attached before Ken’s house, yet could not grasp the ability when it came to fighting against Whitney directly, which gives a major hint that Ken has actually got an upgrade.

The realization of Williams having already enabled his men hit her and she was still considering Williams to be the main boss, whereas in actuality it is Charlotte Elizabeth Hale. 

However, the plot of Westworld season 4 does not end here, for the season has only aired a couple of episodes until today. Much more to be programmed.



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