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EconomynewsWalt Would Truly Hate The Changes Made At Disney...

Walt Would Truly Hate The Changes Made At Disney World!


The theme park has big plans to add something that the company’s founder was opposed to.

Walt Disney, who started the company that bears his name, had a very clear idea of how family fun should be. His early movies were all rated G, which meant that the whole family could watch them without worrying that something would get too adult or even close to it.

A Huge Change Plans The Theme Park

When Disneyland opened in 1955, it was clear that the man who ran the Walt Disney (DIS) company knew what he liked and what he wanted. Some things, according to Walt Disney, did not belong in his company’s theme park.

Walt Would Truly Hate The Changes Made At Disney World!

That meant gum, ice cream, and cotton candy. Not because he didn’t think they were good for families, but because they were sticky and hard to clean up. He was right, but ice cream and cotton candy did become mainstays at Disney theme parks in the end.

But the original head of the Mouse House drew a line in the sand about one thing that lasted for decades after he was gone.

“No beer, no alcohol, nothing. Because that makes things noisier. In a famous interview with the Saturday Evening Post, he said, “That brings in people we don’t want, and I don’t think they need it.”

The same no-alcohol policy was used in the company’s second theme park as well. Magic Kingdom in Florida, which is now part of the Disney World family of parks, did not serve alcohol at all for a long time, and it still doesn’t serve it very often.

Disney has kept most of the water out of Magic Kingdom, but not all of it. You can’t buy any kind of alcohol as you walk through the park. You can, however, buy some alcoholic drinks at some of the theme park’s sit-down restaurants.

“At the Magic Kingdom, you can only buy alcohol at certain table service restaurants. At these restaurants, you can buy beer, wine, and hard cider, but you can’t buy spirits. You might find a cocktail-like twist on the “only beer, wine, or cider” rule, like sangria, but you won’t find drinks with vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, or anything similar “TouringPlans.com gave the details.

This policy is a little bit hypocritical, since Epcot, the second Disney World theme park to open, was built around the idea of trying drinks from different countries. Even though “Drink the World” is not an official Disney idea, alcohol is a big part of what Epcot is all about.

At both Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, you can also buy drinks as you walk around the park. That still won’t be possible at Magic Kingdom.

Alcohol will only be served in restaurants, but a new report from News Today makes it clear that hard liquor is finally coming to Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom has always been a little bit of a throwback that relies more on memories than on new ideas. The “Haunted Mansion,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and even “Space Mountain” and “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,” which are some of its most famous attractions, are old. They’re fun, but they’re not as good as the newer rides at the company’s other parks.

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