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Who Is Chris Chan? Why Is Chris Chan Famous?


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Chris Chan has been a hot topic on social media for the last few days, ever since it was reported that she may have gotten out of prison. The 40-year-old YouTuber and creator of the webcomic Sonichu has become well-known in recent years for being trolled and allegedly committing assault crimes.

Why Did Chris Chan Get Arrested?

It’s one of the biggest internet rumors going around right now, but it turns out that Chris Chan did not get out of jail just before going to court.

Chris Chan

In case you missed the story, word started to spread online that Christine Weston Chandler, a popular YouTuber and internet personality, had gotten away before going to court.

Chris’s web comic series Sonichu is well-known. Sonichu is about the adventures of the title character, who is a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu.

But in August 2021, when she was arrested on suspicion of incest, she got more attention. Some people thought she was having an affair with her 79-year-old mother after a phone call got out.

Screenshots from a 4chan post said that Chandler got out of the courthouse through a bathroom window.

Even though it has become one of the most popular rumors on the internet, it doesn’t look like it’s true at all.

Chris is still being held at the Central Virginia Jail, so far as we know. As far as the jail knows, she is still there, it told Passionfruit [via Daily Dot]. Chris’s lawyer, Dave Heilberg, said, “I can’t confirm or deny rumours, but I don’t know anything about Ms. Chandler having “escaped.”

Chris came out as a trans woman in 2014. Before that, she thought of herself as a man. She was told she had autism when she was about five or six years old.

Over the past few years, she has been trolled online. At least in part, the image-sharing site Kiwi Farms was made to bother her.

Chris Chan, whose real name is Christine Weston Chandler, is well-known on social media and reads cult books. In 2005, she made a webcomic called Sonichu. It was about a character who was a mix of Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Eventually, the comic turned to her own life, and Chan said that she had “merged” with her character Sonichu and now has the same body as it. She also said she had “every power you can think of in this dimension and even more, no exceptions.”

Chris is a trans woman who has autism. When she was about 5 years old, she was told she had autism. She used to think of herself as a man, but in 2014 she told everyone she was transgender.

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