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Venom: Marvel Teases Bedlam’s Identity With Secret Variant Cover


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Marvel’s Venom #10 has revealed its cover but has made the fanatics muddied with a black stain that asks for the identity of Bedlam. The cover is put forward by Paolo Sequeira and Rachel Rosenberg, but with a censored version.

Venom Marvel’s Secret Variant Cover Reveals Bedlam

Bedlam by itself refers to a scene of confusion, though it has a handful of other meanings as well. However, the mystery behind Bedlam, the potential Villain, will be a hindrance to the path of the two anti-heroes, Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan who is living under the same name “ Venom”, but differently.

Venom Marvel's Secret Variant Cover Reveals Bedlam

To make a blunt statement, nobody knows who exactly is hiding under the black blot and it is only known that he was sent by the leader of the Absent Thrones, Meridious, to fight against the Venom Symbiote. At some point, Bedlam impersonated Dylan’s father and tried to manipulate Dylan by manifesting Eddie Brock’s upper body. 

While Dylan has been successful till now to pull on venom symbiote, his father, Eddie set out in the future on finding a way to help Dylan but ended up finding himself breathing his last by an invasion of Absent Throne. The first encounter was picturized in such a plot.

The team must have chosen someone familiar to the viewers to enact the role of Bedlam and probably the whole suspense would be ruined if the face of the Villain is unleashed.

The surprise identity revelation need not long for way too much as it has been reported that the revealing of the Villain’s identity shall be witnessed after a few weeks and probably on July 27 on Venom #9.

Even though no mention of Bedlam has been done regarding Venom’s #9, it is expected to be included in the event. Venom #9 in actuality refers to an upcoming long-standing rival, Kang the Conqueror, who is an arch enemy for Eddie and Hive.

Neither Venom’s $9 nor Venom #10s’ solicitation marks any new information disclosure about Bedlam. The only fact which is clear is that Eddie will have to stand and witness Bedlam attacking his son Dyan and the Symbiote, without being able to interfere. The helpless side of Eddie would be focused more it seems.

So far, the exposed details regarding the villain are taking the fans into utmost bafflement as they are unable to translate the true meaning of “Stabbed in the heart”, whether it is a metaphor or a real statement used to exemplify the future of Dylan.

With the current reports, it is hard to reach a conclusion and the audience shall wait until Bedlam is revealed to know the truth hidden in different areas of the plot.

Since Bedlam has been spreading terror in the lives of the father-son duo, it is going to be a time of battle between the three.


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