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Know The Story!! Britney Spears In Toilet Paper Designed Earrings!!


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Britany Spears and her playful toilet paper earrings are getting viral over the Internet. Her fans and the audience alike were surprised by the design of her all-new earrings.

The earrings were brilliantly designed by the Licia Young and now hold high demand for the earring that the sales spiked for the under-$50 jewelry.

Know The Story Behind Britney Spears-Approved Toilet Paper Designed Earrings

The toilet paper earring was a very new design for all who noted it in the post shared by Britany Spears on her social media account.

Spears shared a snap of her new and unique earrings on Instagram last Sunday. The earrings looked made out of pearlescent beaded, which was perfectly shaped like toilet paper rolls hung on a round hanger. 

Know The Story! Britney Spears In Toilet Paper Designed Earrings!!

The story behind the funny-shaped toilet paper-like earrings is still a mystery. Maybe the designer intently made it very similar to a toilet paper, or Spears who bought this from Licia Young Studio took it as very funny and shared it for fun.

She captioned the snap of the earrings in a very funny way that she thinks she has been upgraded a lot.

Britney Spear even mentioned the designer of the toilet paper earrings in her post, Licia Young, who never even dreamed of the earrings would steal the attention of millions and will get viral soon. 

Licia is glad that her new designs got mass appreciation from many, and the sales took the record. 

Young, who started her Shopify site in 1990, started beading many models and offered them at a price range of $44. She started selling it to her friends and classmates, soon developed into something bigger, and got buyers outside her friend circle. 

The unique idea of toilet paper earrings, the bathroom-inspired baubles was all in her mind decades ago. At the right time, she designed it and now got famous. She said, “Everything has a right time to spark”. 

The earrings looked really cute and stunning. The sudden hike in sales made her really happy and said it’s more than enough for her to keep going with a positive outlook for future sales.

She added, “It took years to come up with something really different and the time and effort I invested now seems worth it”.

The beautiful jewelry was out for sale during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, people were struggling hard to find the toilet. Licia was stricken with the idea and hired 12 of her best friends to weave the beads to bring out the toilet paper earrings. 


The sales she has done so far were huge, and she strongly believes, that it could support her for an upcoming couple of years.

Licia showed her heartfelt thanks to Spear, who is now helping her effortlessly find new clients for her designs. 


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