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Trek To Yomi Release Date, Announcement, Actors, Plot!!


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Taking a side-scrolling approach to traditional samurai action flicks, Trek to Yomi adds a contemporary twist.It’s a technical sword battle game with a black-and-white look reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa films, similar to an Indie Ghost of Tsushima in terms of presentation.

Trek To Yomi Highly Stylized Cinematic Action

‘Trek to Yomi’ is a highly stylized cinematic action-adventure that follows Hiroki as he battles against the powers of evil in a fascinating tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Trek To Yomi

Come along with him on his trip as he makes good on his promise to save the people who trusted him with their lives when he returned home.

Hiroki, a gifted young swordsman, has sworn an oath to protect the people and places dear to him to respect the final request of his Master, who is dying.

Trek to Yomi is a new side-scrolling action game currently in production by Flying Wild Hog, released by Devolve Digital shortly.

The Way The Game Is Played:

Trek to Yomi is an action-adventure game with side-scrolling gameplay. Melee attacks are divided into two categories: those that are quick and ineffective and those that are sluggish and effective.

When a well-timed block breaches an opponent’s defense, players have an opportunity to launch a counter-offensive. 

Mimicking the thrust of a sword forward or the beautiful twist of a blade to cut adversaries approaching from behind are two examples of how melee attacks can be merged with directional motions.

Players must pay close attention to their opponents’ combat stance and reply in a timely and appropriate manner.

A player should thrust forward and attack an opponent if, for example, the opponent is holding their sword horizontally to prevent the player from striking them.

The player character owns the Samurai katana during their battle against them. 

As the player progresses through the game, various weapons, like outslugs, bo-shurikens, and ranged weaponry such as bows and arrows, become accessible. 

Even though the game is set during Japan’s Edo period, it incorporates bosses, legendary creatures, and traditional Japanese characters.

It is also possible for the player to use a variety of natural disasters to eliminate their opponents without engaging in direct combat at all.

A frequent theme in the game is freeform exploration, combined with side-scrolling battle from a fixed perspective. Remote regions are hidden throughout the game’s geography, where players can uncover additional health and stamina improvements and other items and weapons to equip. 

Some non-player characters can also convey information about where the player should go next if the player is paying attention.

Even though the game is intended to be difficult, there is a cinematic mode that makes the game more accessible to players. 

A single hit to the player character will cause them to die immediately. Those who meet the game at least once will be able to access an additional difficulty setting in which the player character will die instantaneously if they are struck.

Date Of Publication:

Trek to Yomi will be available on May 5, 2022 via Game Pass on Xbox One and PC and the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Among those working on this project is Leonard Menchiari, the director of The Eternal Castle.

In addition to the release date, the studio will release a lengthy gameplay clip that showcased the game’s breathtaking visuals and its gore-filled atmosphere.


We can look at the voice actors at the film’s end, which is an excellent way to wrap things out.

Because of the distinct characteristics of this game, players all around the world are looking forward to its release date with bated breath.


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