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When Is ‘365 Days: This Day’ Releasing? Publishing Date Check Out New Updates!!


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Tomasz Mandes wrote the script for the movie, which is directed by Barbara Biaows and written by Mandes. After bestseller Blanka Lipiska’s novel 365 Days, This Day is the sequel. Anna-Maria Sieklucka,

When Is ‘365 Days Releasing?

Magdalena Lamparska, and Michele Morrone, who also starred in the film adaptation, are some of the

actors in this movie.

Following Is The First Section Of This Movie:

Following theatrical screenings in Poland and the United Kingdom, the Polish version of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” titled “365 Days,” or simply “365 Days,” stirred some controversy when it was released on Netflix in June following theatrical screenings in both countries.

Blanka Lipiska wrote the book, and she also directed the film, which Bartek Cierlica, the film’s cinematographer, described as a “modern-day Beauty and the Beast.” 

After its release, the film shot to the top of Netflix’s Top 10 lists in more than 90 countries and quickly rose to the top of those lists worldwide. Lipska believes that the plot is “real” to an 85 percent degree.

365 Days Publishing Date:

Newsweek’s initial reports stated that filming had been postponed until August 2020 in Sicily due to COVID-19 requirements, but this has now been corrected (via Oprah Daily). According to Deadline, filming on both sequels will begin in May 2021 and will be shot side by side for the rest of the year. 

The company will first be based in Poland, with production eventually moving to Italy. On the internet, different rumors surfaced claiming that production would commence on June 29, 2021, in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland.

365 Days Cast:

It was made known from the beginning by Michele Morrone that the male lead would be returning. A perfect fit for Massimo, the film’s criminal who buys a mansion and confines his love interest inside.

In the second film, his presence contributes to forming a love triangle with a very absurd twist. A second film is in the works, and the first’s co-writer Blanka Lipiska is involved in the production.

Is There A Trailer For This Film Available?

In this scene, Laura and Massimo are engaged in some form of verbal foreplay, with one of them claiming to be superior to the other.

It is implied that some form of mafia intrigue threatens to undermine their romantic relationship in the following sequences, which show the movie’s stars dressed up in fancy attire in exotic places. 

Nacho, the mysterious newcomer, appears to be gaining a level of intimacy with Laura even though she does not know what his true identity is at this point.

However, Massimo seems to be harboring a secret that has the potential to bring their relationship to an end.


While fans speculate about what will happen in the upcoming sequence, the trailer has already piqued their attention, making them excited to see what the film offers in the following weeks.

The film will be released in a few days, allowing fans to receive their fix as soon as possible.


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