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“Thor,” Actress Tessa Thompson Says That By Being Open About Her Bisexuality, She Has Helped Her Fans Come Out


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Thor: Love and Thunder, is finally on its way and is hitting the movie screens. Both the fans and audience will need to keep their eye on Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie as she is now the  King Valkyrie of New Asgard. Just like her character in the film, the actress is proudly bisexual, and she revealed the same four years ago.

She is in her new appearance as the king, who has still not met the queen and is waiting for her sweet arrival. She is just flirting. 

Tessa Thompson Says That By Being Open About Her Bisexuality

She is now in the world and is getting ready for true love to happen. If the right time has arrived,  King Valkyrie, who is single is ready to mingle in the movie.

Thompson now thinks romance plays a key role in showing the Valkyrie’s queerness at its full. She realized that to normalize the LBGTQIA characters, queer characteristics, to allow the characters to exist and shine up in their humanity.

This doesn’t mean the character is in partnership or love, but do know something that the rest of the world is not aware of. She even added, “let’s together find whether she finds her love”.

In the film, Valkyrie gave one of Zeus’ maidens a hot kiss on her hand and this made the audience confused about, whether the maiden is her queen to be or not.

But about her character, she explained in simple words that she is flirty. She is curiously looking for her love. 

In another scene, when Valkyrie and Thor Love and Thunder were in a discussion, she is asking about the feelings he holds for Jane, and Thor in return asked about her feelings for Jane, and he concluded the conversation by saying, ‘oh, you are like’.

The conversation between them seemed like she is giving Thor some hard time. It’s actually a fun thing, and in general, it reflects the nature of the character. 

Tessa Thompson is very fortunate in her acting career and has never felt any kind of stress or being in a pressure state throughout. She added, “I am very lucky to play such a notable character among the experts, who I think have the capabilities to advocate for me. The chance I got helped me to stay myself and to deliver the whole expression of self”.

About her character, she never had to act more as the character is the same way power as Thompson is in her real life, and it’s like seeing the real reflection.

Thompson grew up in Los Angeles, and she definitely grew up in Hollywood. She once said that she never thought to become an actress as she is not coming from a family background where there are no actors other than her. But she had dreamed to have a successful carrier and is, fortunately, blooming in Hollywood film. 

From the new release, she is expecting much from her character as she had done it at her best. 

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