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Joseph Quinn Reacts To How ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Ended For His Character Eddie Munson 


Joseph Quinn is a British actor who frequently appears on British television series. He firstly appeared in Dickensian in 2016 and later in the miniseries Howards End in 2017 and Catherine the Great in 2019. Quinn even acted out in supporting roles in the series Les Misérables and Strike. 

The actor got renowned to a wider audience in 2022 after he was introduced as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4. With this single role, he became a great breakout star of Stranger Things and opened up to the media about his experience and destiny to be a part of this wonderful work. 

Joseph Quinn Reacts To His Character’s ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 Ending Munson

Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama series developed by the Duffer Brothers and is streamed on Netflix. The series currently streamed 4 seasons in which the first season was released in July 2016. Earlier this year, the team released their fourth season in which seven episodes were released in May while the rest of the 2 episodes came out in July.

As the season comes to end, Quinn has become the most noticed character of the season even though Eddie dies within the season. He sacrifices himself to keep the Upside Down’s bats away from the remaining group.  

Joseph Quinn Reacts To How ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Ended For His Character Eddie Munson

The actor noted that he is not going to lie and that the character was pretty much tiring and they could have brought him back if he had worked hard enough. But then he believes that they got the script earlier than he reached there and that too during the pandemic.

They were aware that they got the lay of the land earlier. And because of this, he knew that the role will be a one-and-done factor, which is a kind of misfortune according to him.

Yet, he added that it was definitely a nice arc for the character, thus even though it is said that he can’t be a part of the series anymore, with the wonderful people of the team, there is nothing worse than leaving now as of him. 

Quinn even spoke about his filming of the remaining scenes. He said that it’s been a while, but still the memories of his experience shooting are frozen in his mind. By the end of the pretty brutal night shoot, they were shooting the bat battle and all that scenes.

He was taken right away to the make-up prosthetics surgical procedure desk where he spent around two hours with the incredible makeup artists who were busy putting things on him and stuffing his mouth and putting on the contact lenses.

And right after that, they started the shooting and were just running out of time. However, everything came beautifully and all was done.  After the release of season 4 of this horror series, Quinn became a star who won all the love from thrilled fans after watching the character transform into a full-blown electric guitar rendition of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets.

Joseph Quinn even opened up in recent interviews about the overwhelming response from the fans and the experience of filming the epic scene. In the series, Eddie performed the song to distract the deadly bats guarding the villainous Vecna’s lair.

The song he performed was the 1986 track which began to climb the charts again shortly after the episode was aired. He explained in the interview that he was lucky that he had played guitar since childhood and had a kind of foundation to make the most of it. And for him, it was a lot more fun as he expresses, “ You know, who wouldn’t wanna kind of be a rock star for an afternoon or an evening?”

Speaking about the series and the Stranger Things cast as a whole, he describes that it was an “incredibly gratifying experience” to be part of the cast. 

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