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Wolfgang Van Halen Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Andraia Allsop


Valerie Bertinelli, Wolfgang Van Halen’s mother, is overjoyed at the news that her son is engaged to Andraia Allsop, his longtime lover.

By sharing a photo of himself and Allsop smiling on Instagram on Wednesday, Grammy-nominated artist Eddie Van Halen announced his engagement to Allsop. While passionately kissing her new fiancé, Allsop unveils a stunning diamond engagement ring.

Wolfgang Van Halen Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Andraia Allsop

“Yes, she did!” Wolfgang Van Halen, 31, also added three red heart-shaped emoticons in the statement.

Wolfgang Van Halen Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Andraia Allsop

In the comments section, Bertinelli, 62, shared her joy for the couple’s new development. How many times can I say this? She followed up with a string of more heart emojis before writing, “I’m so excited.

His mother’s answer was the song “love you mama,” which Van Halen penned.

The actress and Food Network star shared a picture of the couple’s engagement announcement in a heartwarming Instagram story post.

Software Engineers Allsop And Van Halen Began Their Courtship A Long Time Ago

Bertinelli and the two of them attended the Grammys in April 2022. For best rock song, Van Halen’s “Distance” was nominated but did not win the award.

Our arrival was marked by observation rather than conquest, but that’s good! On Instagram, Van Halen wrote under a photo of him, Allsop, and Bertinelli at the time, “It was a great time.” “They were able to spend a wonderful evening with two of the most influential people.

When Allsop had a birthday in March, he paid tribute to her by uttering the following words: “You have a positive impact on the life just by being here.

In December 2020, a little over two months after the death of his beloved father, Eddie, Van Halen praised Allsop for sticking with him through good times and bad.

On Instagram, Van Halen Said , “5 years With This Beautiful Lady Today”

“Her presence in my life is a blessing. Without her, they wouldn’t be able to function at all. There wouldn’t be a single thing I would be doing if she weren’t there.

Andraia Allsop and Wolfgang Van announced their engagement on their official website. The Mammoth WVH leader and son of Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli confirmed their previously publicized engagement over social media as Allsop stands with Eddie Van Halen and exhibits the new ring on her finger.

“She said yes!” Wolfgang captioned his Instagram image. Everyone from Periphery to Sevendust to Volbeat to Halestorm to Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy to Richard Shaw of Cradle of Filth wished the newlyweds well in their marriage.

Wolfgang’s Mammoth WVH’s song “Distance” was nominated for Best Rock Song at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, and the two were seen together on the red carpet.

In contrast to Van Halen, Allsop is a software engineer. Although they were both born on the same day, Allsop and Van Halen had different birthdays. The two started dating in 2015 and have been together ever since.

For the first song they ever released on my own, it was an honor to be featured in a category with performers they have adored their whole life, and they doubt that will ever set in entirely.

I’m following in Pop’s footsteps quite effectively since he didn’t win the first time he was nominated either, he remarked. 

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