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‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Release Date Announced! Follows Fan Harassment Of Devs!!


Sony Interactive Entertainment released the official statement on the release of the video game, God of War Ragnarok, to be on November 9, 2022, through their Wednesday blog.

The ninth installment of the God of War Series and the sequel to God of War would be premiered worldwide in Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Despite the hard work of the game team, the fans’ wildness towards the crew was clearly visible in June, as they went crazy on the developers who have been spending day and night with an ultimate motive of releasing the next installment as soon as possible.

The Release Date For ‘God of War Ragnarok’ Has Been Announced

The pandemic has delayed many hits to the far reach of 2023, whereas the Ragnarok team was firm enough to present their product before the audience in 2022 itself.

Fans were tapping their heels to know the exact date of release of their favorite and most awaited game series. Summer Game Fest of last month prompted the fans as it had no information regarding the God of War or its production.

‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Release Date Announced!  Follows Fan Harassment Of Devs

However, many insiders in the industry leaked the news that the release date would be published in the last days of June which alleged Cory Barlog, Santamonica’s creative director, to plead before the fanatics to maintain patience until they themselves bring forth the necessary details about the action-adventure game.

Despite waiting until the end of June, the fans got no glimpse of what they were longing for and they ended up harassing the whole Santamonica developers. Writer Alana Pearce and producer, Estelle Tigani were not far from the torture of the fans, who were in pursuit of the sequel information.

Twitter acted as the medium to display the disagreement of the fans who sent outlawed pictures to Estelle, to which the producer firmly replied that these explicit ways of asking for the release date of the God Of War Ragnarok upcoming installment, would in no way be a good idea to let open her mouth about the secret. She also disclosed her concern to the people who sent her such illegal tweets asking when actually such actions paid off for them.

Neither Santamonica stood like a statue before the act of the fans, they responded to Estele’s tweet and penned that no fans should be aggressive enough to bring their passion and adversely affect an individual’s dignity.

This is not the first time fans are going crazy over Twitter with their harsh reactions against the ideology of the industry. Just weeks ago fans bombarded the comment section of Ron Gilbert’s personal blog when he released unique information about the new art style of the PC adventure revival in the Return of Monkey Island.

The torture led him to make a final statement in which he said he would never ever do the mistake of sharing information regarding the game on his personal blog and shut down the comment option for the former post.

Willa Rowe, the video games trends writer, penned her take on the incident saying the Twitter platform should have benefitted the publishers with the marketing of the fan’s expectations, however, things are reversed.

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