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The Walking Dead Season 11: How Will It End?


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The Walking Dead is one of the famous series adapted from the comics providing immense adventurous plots every season. The show is soon going to launch the final chapter in Season 11. Moreover, it is all decked up to give the audience many surprises.

However, the Tv adaptation is not going exactly similar to the comics as Robert Kirkman has visualized. Instead, the makers now think of the climax as slightly different and more adventurous. The probable release date of the new season is 20th November 2022.

Undoubtedly, the final showdown will attract millions of audiences around the globe.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Set Up Its Ending In 3 Ways!

According to the original story, Rick Grimes put an end to the corrupted rule of Pamela Milton by inspiring the Commonwealth in various ways. It was indeed a peaceful revolution for the benefit of the community members. However, Grimes lost his life at the hands of Sebastian.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Set Up Its Ending In 3 Ways!

But this motive of Rick did not go waste as the future Commonwealth evolved as a strong community, covering a major portion of the United States. The audience can have already read the comics and expect such an ending in the TV series. But the ideas of the makers are something else.

You need to stay tuned for an amazing ending to the show. Until this time, reports suggest that three ideas are circulating in the minds of the directors and writers of The Walking Dead. But what will be the final chapter is still a mystery to the public.

Keep on speculating to have some incredible on your plate. The content describes the ideas to enhance your excitement for the upcoming season.

The Walking Dead Season 11: The First Way

“What’s Been Lost,” the Season 11 of The Walking Dead, is going to depict the final chapter in an unbelievable manner. Although in the original version, Rick was the lead to change the situation of the Commonwealth, this time, Carol’s group will take charge.

The Walking Dead Season 11! The First Way

The energetic members are all set to go against Pamela Milton’s cruel regime to bring a new era in the history of this community. You can already get a clue from Episode 20 from how Lance and Carol conversed. The diversion from the actual story came when Yumiko decided to defend Eugene.

During the pleading of Sebastian’s death. But in the comics, you will find that Yumiko was acting as the prosecutor in the court. The residents at Commonwealth will be seen to applaud Yumiko after the incredible decision. The reactions of Pamela on this will certainly let the audience enjoy the plot more.

According to Lance, Alexandrian survivors will certainly stop controlling Commonwealth in the future. Hence, the working class will be its biggest ally for Yumiko in the new journey.

The Walking Dead Season 11: The Second Concept

Undoubtedly, Pamela will face a downfall after so many powerful forces and confident steps emerge. However, in the last part of the series, you will definitely watch Pamela creating numerous situations. She treated Eugene as a scapegoat and finally put the whole blame of Lance on Sebastian.

The Walking Dead Season 11! The Second Concept

So, this plot will remain one of the strongest plots to intrigue the audience thoroughly. The railroad construction is another important phenomenon in the story’s final chapter. Stephanie and Eugene were the main leads behind this development project.

They always wanted to connect Commonwealth with the rest of the United States and thus thought about laying the railway track covering the east side towards the west. However, the fact was unknown to several people, including Carol and Daryl.

Finally, Lance took the initiative to reveal the duo’s shocking yet fascinating fact. So, you will find the scene highly action-packed and overwhelming. But along with this revelation, you may have several questions, like whether the revolution will take place in Commonwealth as per the previous plan or not.

The community will have new leaders vested with the responsibility of progressing with the plan to make it a success. So, they can now utilize the newly introduced train system to fulfill their goals. Moreover, the territory will continue to expand furthermore conveniently with this development.

The communities can now travel easily as the train appears to be the lifeline of the entire transport system. It will be fascinating to watch the natives of the Commonwealth begin a new life with the support of so many positive-minded people.

Automatically, negative personalities like Pamela can never win when all the dedicated people come forward to meet the objective.


The Walking Dead Season 11: The Third Idea

The final episode of The Walking Dead will show a fantastic spinoff from AMC. The train sequence will bring lots of new adventures for the public to enjoy. The live-action drama will present a nail-biting episode. This time you will find Stephanie and Eugene in new attire and role, different from the comic description.

The Walking Dead Season 11! The Third Idea

Furthermore, the civilians will be heading toward an unknown destination on the train of Lance. But the people on the other side will be unable to digest the fact and surely indulge in some action to stop their supply line from being taken away.

It will be an amazing show that ends with the Commonwealth winning over the previous ruler and her frustrating rules. The train track will give more life to the story and give the audience enough reasons to enjoy it over and over again.


The authentic book of Robert Kirkman is a fabulous way of entertainment for the comics lover. After the amazing ten seasons, AMC is ready to gift an enthusiastic ending to the TV adaptation of The Walking Dead. The fans are eagerly waiting to catch the final episode of the show.

One thing is certain from the makers: the comic ending will not be portrayed in a similar fashion on the screen. Here, you should be ready to witness something more exciting. The estimated number of episodes in this new season will be around 24.

So, catch the overwhelming episodes for a great ending on Disney plus. From Monday, UK residents will be able to see it on Disney’s Star.

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