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Everything To Know About Top 10 Tim Burton Characters!


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Tim Burton, an internationally known American film director, was honored for his 35-year career in Lyon in front of a cheering crowd of thousands. The award in 2009 by the Lumière Institute has since grown to become one of France’s most coveted film honors.

The most well-known aspect of Burton is his interest in Gothic fantasy and horror. Additionally, he was the brains behind iconic cult films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands.

Things To Know About Best 10 Tim Burton Characters!

Disney’s 2019 release Dumbo served as Burton’s most recent motion picture. Later, he admitted that it would likely be his final project with the firm. With Wednesday—the name of the slightly villainous but endearing daughter in the original series—he is now transferring from the big screen to television.

Wednesday, the name of the somewhat evil but endearing daughter in the original series, is the character he is now playing on television in an adaption of The Addams Family.

No matter how big or tiny, original or adapted, the fantastic cast of vibrant characters is something we can always bank on in a Burton movie.

Even the supporting cast members in Burton’s films frequently have oddly compelling stories, even though many of them are represented by Johnny Depp in the titular roles. Please look at our list of what we believe to be Tim Burton’s Top 10 Movie Characters above.

Edward Scissorhands

The story of Edward Scissorhands is mostly a tender and emotional fairytale. An allegory about a misfit longing for acceptance despite resembling no one else in his immediate surroundings. With heavy makeup and a virtually wordless performance, Johnny Depp gives one of his early performances to remember.

Edward Scissorhands

His terrified eyes and tense, restless body language say more than any words could ever hope to. Fish-out-of-water humor and pedophilic horror must coexist in a delicate equilibrium.

So, naturally, it begins on the first page of a novel that Burton created, a duty he’s abdicated throughout the years. Edward is one of Burton’s finest films because of this. It was made from scratch by a mastermind and is unique.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington’s influence on the world since his introduction in 1993 is difficult to dispute. Hell, he even has a Halloween-themed ride at Disneyland. That is indeed wicked!

The problem is that many people are unaware that Henry Selick, not Tim Burton, served as the film’s director. Burton produced, presented, and—most importantly—lent his macabre claymation visual aesthetic to the drama.

Jack Skellington

The fact that Danny Elfman, the lead singer of Oingo Boingo, and a veteran Burton composer, voiced the character for Skellington is, nevertheless, my favorite aspect of the film.

Do you know who lent their voices to Old Jack’s additional speaking parts? Yes, the wonderful voice-acting feat was performed by Jerry Dandridge himself!

Ichabod Crane

As endearing SLEEPY HOLLOW characters, Jeffrey Jones, Ian Holm, and Chris Walken are all deserving contenders.

The weirdly effeminate performance Depp offers as NYC police officer Ichabod Crane, with its alabaster face, squeaky high-pitched voice, and dainty physical indiscretions, establish this unreliable narrator among Burton’s best. It’s undoubtedly among the most fascinating.

Ichabod Crane

The holy trinity, Roddy McDowall, Angela Lansbury, and Basil Rathbone, are said to have inspired Depp’s version of the role. Depp’s stiff Ichabod is awkwardly funny and strangely unsettling.


Tim Burton began his career as an animator, which is appropriate given that most of his live-action movies have a live-action cartoon feel. However, in BEETLEJUICE, Michael Keaton plays a character that audiences will remember even though he is only on screen for around 17 minutes.

This accomplishment speaks to the actor’s humorous skills and director Tim Burton’s weirdly inventive uniqueness.


Beetlejuice seems to have materialized out of Burton’s drawing book. As the quick-witted supernatural character who continues to make people laugh even as a ghost, Michael Keaton never fails to hit the right tone. He’s unquestionably the party’s life among a long list of inventive characters from Burton.

The Joker

Let’s not overlook how outstanding Jack Nicholson was in character almost two decades before; even now, Heath Ledger has established himself as the Joker infallible. Batman unintentionally produces the Joker by putting mobster Jack Napier into a chemical vat, just as the Joker unintentionally created Batman.

The Joker

The clown prince of crime, a deformed man with white skin and an eternal grin, uses electrified hand buzzers and poisonous party balloons to unleash his joyful anarchy on Gotham. He remains Batman’s most formidable foe and one of our top villains. He is funny, frightening, and fashionable.

The Penquin

Whether we should feel sorry for the Penguin or hate him is a difficult question to answer. Sure, his parents abandoned him when he was a child, and he was born with terrible physical deformities.

But does his terrible past justify his scheme to seize control of Gotham and abduct the first-born children of the richest families in the city? There are two types of misinterpretation: misunderstanding and vengeful hysteria.

The Penquin

However, the Penguin was changed from a would-be gentleman to a grotesque beast that is more animal than man by Burton and Danny DeVito, who gave the character their distinctive marks.


Every stop-motion movie that Tim Burton makes frequently incorporates deceased dogs. For example, the protagonist of “Frankenweenie,” a reworking of Tim Burton’s 1984 short film by the same name, is Sparky the dog. His devoted owner Victor Frankenstein resurrects Sparky after being struck by a car.


Frankenstein’s mongrel is still as endearing as ever, despite having numerous stitches and occasionally losing his tail. Like many of Burton’s creations, Sparky exemplifies how friendship and warmth may be discovered in the most unlikely places.

Edward Bloom

Edward Bloom may be the most interesting person to have ever lived or the best storyteller in history. Regardless, his story is an epic for the ages that sends him on adventures with a monster, a werewolf, and conjoined twins.

Even with such a bizarre supporting cast, Edward Bloom still stands out as the most interesting character in the movie.

Edward Bloom

Bloom is a very remarkable person who never brags. He is smart, tenacious, and wide-eyed, in addition to being humble. He will always be the largest fish in the pond wherever he goes.

Lydia Deetz

How grammatically preoccupied poor Lydia Deetz was with her fake suicide note in Beetlejuice always made people laugh. She had scary run-ins with Adam and Barbara Maitland, which prevented her from actually carrying out her plan to commit suicide.

Lydia Deetz

The irony that she ultimately needs a dead couple to give her newfound life force is, of course, all a part of the great sense of humorous morbidity that Burton has established a mainstay of throughout his entire career.


That speaks volumes to us—Burton felt strongly enough about the title character of FRANKENWEENIE to expand it from a short film he shot in 1984 to a full feature in 2011.


The straightforward a-boy-and-his-dog plot, following a classic Universal monster movie template that you know Tim has a genuine affinity for, really comes out as more emotionally impactful than you might have expected in what anyone might guess is Burton’s final genuinely terrific movie.

Not quite Old Yeller up here, but in a way reminiscent of a classic film, not too far off either.

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