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Wendell & Wild Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More!


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The Hollywood Theatre last week hosted the premiere of “Wendell & Wild,” another well-known animated film with ties to Portland. It is rather reasonable to assume that you will be treated to stunning visuals when you see “directed by Henry Selick.”

After all, the American director’s 69-year-old past credits include Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas, two widely regarded contemporary classics. Fortunately, he still has more to offer. Both have rich, fascinating worlds.

The filmmaker of getting Out and Nope, Jordan Peele, co-produced his most recent film, Wendell and Wild, a stop-motion comedic horror. Henry Chapman’s first filmmaking endeavor since the acclaimed Coraline in 2009 is based on their shelved book that bears the same title.

The hilarious antics of Key & Peele substantially contribute to the animated magnificence that permeates all of Selick’s efforts in Wendell & Wild. The humor isn’t quite as good as one of the famous TV show bits from the comedic pair, but it’s still energetic and entertaining, and some silly antics will undoubtedly be developed further in the rest of the movie.

Wendell & Wild Overview

Wendell & Wild, a new stop-motion film being developed by Henry Selick alongside Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, is centered on an original script by Selick, according to a report from November 3, 2015. Netflix decided to stream the movie on March 14, 2018.

Wendell & Wild Netflix Release Date

In a July 2019 interview, Key discussed the voice-acting process. He and Jordan entered recording booths and recorded a session while the room was silent. Key and Jordan sat across from each other as ideas flowed, cutting each other off to maintain an organic feel.

Together, they claim to have spent a significant amount of time figuring out the characters and the overall structure of the first scene written by Henry. Then he continues to write using that as motivation. In charge of designing the stop-motion puppets was Pablo Lobato.

Wendell & Wild Release Date

On Friday, October 21, 2022, the film debuts in a few theaters and is only offered there before its streaming debut one week later. Yes, that is accurate. The exclusive streaming licenses to Wendell and Wild will be available on Netflix starting Friday, October 28, 2022.

Due to this, viewers will have the alternative of watching it in cinemas or at home, with the option being given to non-Netflix users to do so one week in advance. So be sure to search for regional time slots and reservations on Fandango.

The film, which made its international premiere at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival in September, tells the tale of two demon brothers named Wendell and Wild. In order to get to the Land of the Living, these demonic brothers seek Kat Elliot, a 13-year-old, for assistance. As you can guess, there are a few obstacles along the way.

Series NameWendell & Wild
GenreComedy, Horror, Adventure
DirectorHenry Selick
Production CompanyMonkeypaw Productions
ComposerBruno Coulais
Country Of OriginUnited States
Original LanguageEnglish
Release DateOctober 28, 2022
Main CastJordan Peele
James Hong
Keegan-Michael Key
Angela Bassett
Sam Zelaya
Where To WatchNetflix
Netflix Release DateFriday, October 28, 2022
Filming LocationPortland

Wendell & Wild Plot

When Selick first wrote Wendell & Wild, it was a short fiction he wrote many years prior that was motivated by his boys (now grown). Because they occasionally displayed demonic characteristics, Selick painted them as demons when they were little. Later, Selick developed a deep admiration for Key & Peele and contacted the comedy team to see if they might work together on a project.

Wendell & Wild Netflix Release Date

The motivation of the titular characters is to enter the Land of the Living to pursue their goal of developing their amusement park called The Dream Fair, which is eventually a more favorable location for the “danged” to go. They would allegedly “raise the dead” to pay for it in The Land of The Living.

Wendell and Wild can be transported to the world of the living by Kat, who has made a deal with the demons that she will only do so in exchange for her parents’ return. Kat was born a Hellmaiden, a person with a natural affinity for the devil who may be used for good or evil depending on how they choose to use their connection.

The movie is set in the town of Rustbank, which once had a prosperous brewery that supported the local economy and was controlled by Kat’s father. After their passing, the brewery inexplicably caught fire, leading to the collapse of the town’s economy. The Klaxxons, a British husband-and-wife team, are prepared to do whatever it takes to conquer the city, level it, and erect a jail there in their quest for power.

Wendell & Wildt Cast 

Two demons who are determined to escape the realm by abusing a cursed but strong 13-year-old girl named Kat, played by Lyric Ross, will be voiced by Key and Peele as the movie’s main characters. Angela Basset plays Sister Helley, a nun who knows Kat’s talents and worries about her, and she is the most prominent member of the Wendell & Wild company.

Wendell & Wild Netflix Release Date

Along with Ramona Young, Tamara Smart, and Sam Zelaya, other new and young performers in the cast include Ving Rhames, James Hong, and other seasoned actors. The idea has the support of director Henry Selick, whose 2009 picture Coraline helped him develop his approach as a fusion of horror and comedy.

In addition to the cast mentioned above, Tamara Smart, Natalie Martinez, Tantoo Cardinal, Gabrielle Dennis, Igal Naor, David Harewood, Maxine Peake, Ramona Young, Sam Zelaya, Seema Virdi, and Gary Gatewood also appeared in the film.

Wendell & Wild Trailer

The opening of the two-minute first trailer for Wendell & Wild takes place in Rustbank, a sleepy village with an industrial feel supported by Kat’s parents’ brewery. The vibrant, energetic atmosphere and the abundance of residents support an idyllic way of life where everything is perfect, which only serves to make the inevitable turn of events grimmer.

The following scene in the film shows Kat crossing the bridge where her parents perished many years later while wearing a perpetual frown and being restrained by handcuffs in the backseat of a vehicle.

Kat quickly establishes her personality when faced with a uniform and a now-restricted lifestyle, altering it with her father’s clothes and becoming the epitome of “afro punk,” which the producers used as their primary source of inspiration for her character’s appearance.

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