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The Good Nurse: What Happened To Amy Loughren And Where Is She Now?


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The events depicted in the movie The Good Nurse are based on the real-life experiences of nurse Amy Loughren, who helped law police find Charles Cullen, a coworker who was later suspected of killing many patients oddly. “The Good Nurse,” a brand-new drama currently streaming on Netflix, has all the characteristics of a traditional thriller: The heroine must display tremendous fortitude because the stakes are as high as they can be, and the adversary appears unbeatable.

But even though the story is based on a Charles Graeber novel and features Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, scriptwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns claims it seems too amazing to have happened. Amy, who was an overworked ICU nurse, relies on her kind, new coworker both at work and at home, but only until a patient’s sudden death makes him appear suspect.

How Nurse Amy Apprehended Her coworker, The Nation’s Bloodiest Serial Killer?

A colleague and close friend of Cullen’s, Loughren was a different nurse at Somerset. When detectives contacted him, Loughren volunteered to do several things for them, including providing them with hospital records, wearing a wire to coax a confession, and even speaking with the suspect in the interrogation room. Loughren was the one who first understood the depth of Cullen’s insanity.

The Good Nurse

This exclusive extract describes the terrifying moment that Amy Loughren experienced in November 2003 when she realized how Cullen chose and killed his victims. Amy discovered strange medicine combinations that Charlie frequently prescribed.

Many people were on the list, and occasionally six would be added in a single evening. Amy was aware that a cardiac unit would more frequently use these medications. Charlie was employed in intensive care. The supply drawers were cleaned out under his directions.

Then Charlie repeatedly requested a replenishment from the pharmacy. As a result of his status, he would be the first to accept the delivery. He was seen as being beneficial at the time. However, Amy was no longer certain. Tim Braun and Danny Baldwin, the two Somerset detectives who had gotten in touch with her, were looking into a few patients who had died while exhibiting unusually high amounts of the cardiac medication digoxin.

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Charles Cullen Was Persuaded To Confess By A Heroic Nurse

Amy believed this to be a sign of a large armory when she heard that the police were seeking to track down a single pistol. Charlie had been serving customers while titrating a pharmacopoeial mixture using both medications he had taken out of the medicine cabinet and others.

Each drug produced a particular biochemical impact in the cocktail. Each of them individually made up a molecular sonata. When used in conjunction, a patient who was already at risk didn’t need nearly as much medicine. Drugs push and pull in opposite directions. Only the patient’s reaction was important. There was a dramatic pause between the cocktail’s serving and the patient’s response. A crash, a code, or a recovery akin to Lazarus could occur.

The lab reports provided the solution to the mystery that was the cocktail. Amy’s imagination allowed her to understand the patterns, but she could not conjure up the monster that employed them to delight itself. She knew it wasn’t her buddy Charlie, a kind and gentle soul. As much as the crimes themselves disturbed her, the emotional rift did.

How Did Amy Loughren Fare?

Loughren was working as a night nurse at the time and had cardiomyopathy, a cardiac disease that would be made worse by the demanding work she conducted. According to the movie, she could not afford to abandon her job because she had to perform it for a year before receiving health insurance.

The film makes it clear that Loughren needed health insurance to receive the urgently required heart surgery; else, she might not have survived. Loughren helped the police with their initial inquiry and successfully got Cullen to confess to killing patients at nine different hospitals between 1988 and 2003.

In spite of the fact that he is now serving 18 consecutive life sentences for the murder of 29 patients, the authorities suspect he is also to blame for 400 more fatalities.

The Good Nurse

After taking part in the inquiry, Loughren got the heart surgery she required. Today, after working for many years as a trauma, ICU, and ER nurse, she is pursuing a different career path: spiritual healing. In order to understand why she was “blind to a murderer standing right in front of” her, Loughren reportedly started her way toward spiritual recovery following the experience of aiding in the arrest of a former acquaintance.

Since then, Loughren has been able to reconcile her connection with Cullen and has received training in a variety of subjects. She describes herself as a “Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, DreamSculptor Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, Integrative Energy Healer, Former Life Regressionist, Crystal Language Analyst, Medical Intuitive,” and she can assist others in creating their individual “unique Guidance Plan” on her blog.


What Happened To Amy These days?

Alex, Maya, Loughren, and her grandkids currently reside in Florida. She also collaborated closely with Tobias Lindholm, who directed The Good Nurse, and Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who wrote the script. In addition, she assisted in providing Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne with guidance as they portrayed her and Cullen, respectively.

Loughren will not only contribute to the movie but also make an appearance in the Netflix docuseries on the case called Capturing the Killer Nurse. In an interview with Newsweek, Loughren discussed her participation in both the drama and the documentary, expressing her hope that both works might be able to aid Cullen’s actual victims.

She also discussed how Loughren intended to present a real superhero and tell a sympathetic story about her life in an interview with Newsweek. After seeing the movie, Loughren, according to Lindholm, “was completely ecstatic.” It truly made Loughren glad that Amy had taken her daughters, Alex and Maya, to witness it. The Good Nurse is currently available on Netflix and will undoubtedly be very popular with viewers.

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