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Is The Good Nurse Based On A True Story?


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The author of the new thriller, Krysty Wilson-Cairns, on the historical occurrences that served as inspiration. The Good Nurse is based on the actual events of nurse Amy Loughren, who assisted law enforcement in apprehending Charles Cullen, a coworker who was later suspected of killing multiple patients bizarrely.

The new drama, “The Good Nurse,” currently available on Netflix, has all the elements of a classic thriller: The stakes are as high as they can get, there’s a villain who seems unbeatable, and the heroine must show extraordinary fortitude. But, according to scriptwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns, even though the tale depicted in the movie stars Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne and is based on a novel by Charles Graeber, it would appear too fantastic to have occurred.

Is The Good Nurse On Netflix Yet?

On Wednesday, October 26, the much-anticipated film The Good Nurse finally went on the worldwide OTT juggernaut Netflix. Since its premiere, The Good Nurse has received favorable reviews from viewers who are also curious to find out whether it was based on a true story or not.

The Good Nurse

Oscar-winning actors Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain are just a couple of the impressive cast members of The Good Nurse. The Good Nurse, directed by Tobias Lindholm, is anticipated to be another smash hit on Netflix shortly.

The hype surrounding The Good Nurse began on the day of its release, thanks to its critically lauded ensemble cast. However, fans of The Good Nurse are still determining if the plot, which centers on nurses and doctors, is based on actual events or not.

MovieThe Good Nurse
DirectorTobias Lindholm
WritersCharles Graeber
StarsEddie Redmayne
Denise Pilliot
Dartel Mc Rae

Release DateOctober 26, 2022
Filming LocationsNew Jersey USA
Production CompaniesFilmNation Entertainment
Protozoa Pictures
Official SiteNetflix

Charles Cullen: The Man Behind The Murders

Charles Cullen tells the tale of a New Jersey nurse who, throughout his career, murdered a minimum of 29 patients—though it is suspected that he killed plenty more the healthcare system that assisted in covering up his crimes under the name of money.

In the film The Good Nurse, Redmayne portrays the eerily menacing Cullen. At the same time, Chastain plays Amy Loughren, a different hospital nurse who befriends Cullen before realizing something is seriously wrong and attempting to stop it.

American serial killer Charles Edmund Cullen, who admitted to killing people throughout his 16-year nursing career in New Jersey, went awfully without being apprehended for his crimes.

Later interviews with police, psychologists, and media revealed that he had murdered many more people, though he could not recall their names exactly. However, he could frequently remember the specifics of their killings.

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Charles Cullen was the youngest of eight children born in New Jersey in 1960. Before Cullen turned one year old, his bus driver father passed away, and while he was a teenager, his homemaker mother was killed in a vehicle accident.

He eventually became a nurse and completed nursing school in 1987 before getting hitched. Before getting divorced in 1993, he and his wife had two daughters.

It has been said that Cullen would later work in some hospitals and nursing homes. However, he left some employment after investigating complaints of wrongdoing, including when an older woman reported he repeatedly entered her room.


He administered injections even though he wasn’t the nurse assigned to care for her. He worked for a few agencies and held a few full-time positions between 1998 and 2002. He is thought to have murdered numerous people at this time. Digoxin, frequently used to treat persons with irregular heartbeats or heart failure, was his treatment of choice.

However, high doses of this drug can be fatal. In addition, Cullen would administer deadly amounts of insulin and other medications into the saline pouches of his victims. His offenses were committed over 16 years, but it wasn’t until 2003 when he was employed at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, New Jersey, that everything came to light.

What Motivated Charles Cullen To Murder Patients?

Using the information, Cullen said that he had given patients overdoses to prevent them from “coding,” or going into cardiac or respiratory collapse and being recorded as a Code Blue emergency. He had informed detectives that he could not endure seeing or hearing about attempts to save a victim’s life.

In addition, Cullen claimed that he overdosed people to end their misery and stop hospital staff from treating them inhumanely. However, not all of his victims had advanced illnesses.

Other Theories About Cullen’s Motive

Although there are various explanations, none of them apply. This may happen given many circumstances, but we don’t believe there is a genuine motivation. Humans have a natural inclination to strive to bring some order to this turmoil.

We genuinely need that response to feel secure, yet sources disagree that it is available. The more intriguing question is how he was let carry on doing it rather than why. That was the most unsettling query, in the opinion of many. Many felt their souls burning when they realized that someone could have stopped him but chose not to, ostensibly out of selfish motives. The motivation behind this movie is that specific why.

American Health Care System Exposed

Following the Cullens tale’s publication, the public and the government were shaken, and the main concern was whether such an error could occur again. This incident showed even more vulnerabilities in the American healthcare system. Mixed reactions have been given, but not much has changed.

Although there have been some changes in nurse recruiting procedures, America still has a healthcare system primarily run for financial gain. And when it occurs, there is a significant chance that it could not be humane. With all the large institutions and processes that were created to improve their own lives, many believe such to be the case. Due to their rigidity and coldness, everyone has suddenly recognized that they will turn against them, and filmmakers must endow them with compassion.

Among the numerous genuine stories, The Good Nurse is regarded as Netflix’s second genius move after Dahmer, which broke the company’s global audience records. As a result, The Good Nurse is the ideal Netflix movie to watch for anyone who enjoys thrillers based on true stories.

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