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Sydney Sweeney Finally Talks About Her New Version Of “Barbarella”!


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A cinematic adaptation of the cult classic it series Barbarella, which Jean-Claude Forest developed, is now expanding at Sony Pictures. This new live-action version of Barbarella will be the second time the narrative has been adapted for the big screen.

Sydney Sweeney Breaks Her Silence On The Revival Of “Barbarella”

The first film adaptation of Barbarella, released in 1968 and featuring Jane Fonda, was animated. This time, the central character will be played by Sydney Sweeney, who previously appeared in the films Euphoria and Madame Web.

Sydney Sweeney Breaks Her Silence On The Revival Of Barbarella

In addition, Sweeney will serve as an executive producer, and she seemed eager to get started. In an ET interview, Sweeney referred to Barbarella as “iconic pleasurable.” Despite this, she was cagey when asked whether or not she had previously reached out to Fonda.

Sweeney stated, “they will be incredibly delighted to serve all the fits.” “In addition, he is just an amazing and well-known figure. They want to ensure that Barbarella’s humor’s sinful nature is not lost. That is why they can’t contain the excitement till everyone else sees it.”

Where Does Barbarella Proceed From Here?

Forest first thought of Barbarella in 1962 for serial publication in V Magazine; by the early 1970s, the series had started to be collected in book form. Barbarella was initially published in V Magazine.

The comic centered around a character known as Barbarella, a space explorer who travels the galaxy and gets into all sorts of exciting scrapes along the way.

It is generally acknowledged as one of the first erotic because it was a milestone in depicting the sexual revolution occurring during its era.

Over the last several years, Dynamite Comics has published various new comics based on the concept.

When the comic was first made public, Mike Carey issued a statement in which he said, “In the 1960s, Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella was a figure who helped to define her age — the first liberated heroine for a decade that questioned all laws and morals.”

Carey said this in the context of the revelation of the comic. They are pleased to help bring this renowned and iconic heroine into the 21st century and bring her to the attention of new readers who weren’t even alive when she initially traveled the cosmos.

Do We Know All There Is To Know About Barbarella?

Since it was first published in 1968, the Barbarella series has been adapted into and remade for different films. There was some discussion about making a sequel, which at one point was supposed to be titled “Barbarella Goes Down.”

In the 2000s, there were discussions of restarting the series with a new film that would have been directed first by Robert Rodriguez and later by Robert Luketic and would have starred Rose McGowan. This rebooted version of the franchise was supposed to star Robert Luketic. 

That particular iteration of the project was unsuccessful because resources like time and money constrained it. The novel served as the inspiration for a musical that was composed in the year 2004.

The television series Barbarella, which was developed by Amazon Studios and Gaumont International Television and was supposed to go into production in 2012, was initially supposed to take place in Asia and be directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (The Neon Demon).

Who Exactly Is This Barbarella Persona, And Can Someone Please Enlighten Me?

The idea for its heroine, Barbarella, was conceived by French writer and artist Jean-Claude Forest. Barbarella’s adventures across space are vile and powered by sex.

It was planned that the character would first appear in serial form in the French periodical V magazine in 1962. In 1964, the strips were compiled by Eric Losfeld into it named Barbarella.

When it was initially published, talks of delicate topics such as sexuality were not yet acceptable. The book is famous for being the first adult pornographic comic ever published.

A connection was made between the literary work and the sexual revolution that occurred in the 20th century later on.

Cult status has been attained by this mythological figure and the piece of literature that served as its inspiration.

Sydney Sweeney

In 2016, Refn said to The Playlist: “Actually, the estate rather than they are the owner of Barbarella. But I decided to focus more of my attention on the Neon Demon.” “Other facets of television have also grabbed my attention, and the creative process involved in bringing my ideas to life brings me a great deal of joy. Along the same lines as Logan’s Run, it deteriorated into Barbarella, demonstrating that some things are better off not being touched. There is no need to begin from the very beginning.”

At this point in time, the only information available on the movie’s storyline is what has been revealed. When asked whether Jane Fonda would be a part of the movie, Sydney Sweeny answered with a nervous chuckle and said that she did not have any firm information on the production.

According to the latest reports, Sydney Sweeny will also take on this movie’s executive producer role. A film that will be produced by Sony Pictures and feature Syndey Sweeney and Barbarella will be released; however, there is no information on whether or not any of those names have been engaged in the film as a writer or director.

Sweeney Sydney is a talented young actress who has already made a name for herself in the competitive world of Hollywood.


The actress’s roles in the critically acclaimed television series Euphoria and The White Lotus are primarily responsible for her rise to fame. Both the second season of the highly acclaimed television program Euphoria and the film The White Lotus featured Sweeney Sydney in the role of Cassie Howard.

Olivia Mossbacher was her character in the movie. Audiences and critics praised her work on both series, so she was shortlisted for an Emmy Award in recognition of her achievements.

Sydney Sweeny, who was only recently mentioned in connection with a cinematic version of its character Barbarella, will also feature in the upcoming superhero picture Madame Web, which will be based on the Marvel character of the same name.

Sweeny will appear in the film with Dakota Johnson. It is anticipated that the movie will debut in cinemas in 2024.

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