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Top Gun Maverick: 5 Reasons Tom Cruise’s Performance Deserved An Oscar


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The nomination deadline for the 95th Academy Awards is quickly approaching, and there is a long number of potential Best Actor nominees.

However, Tom Cruise may have a chance at winning because of his depiction of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick. Cruise adds nuance and complexity to the Top Gun persona that catapulted him to superstardom in the 1980s.

Top Gun Maverick: 5 Oscar-Deserving Elements Of Tom Cruise’s Performance

There’s no denying that Cruise gave a performance that showed depth and progression in part, but others may argue that the character isn’t far different from Cruise’s usual films to warrant a Best Actor nomination.

Top Gun Maverick 5 Oscar-Deserving Elements of Tom Cruise's Performance

All The Reasons Tom Cruise Should Win An Oscar For His Performance

In terms of strength, Maverick was not a very interesting protagonist

The Maverick from Top Gun: a hot shooter who expresses his strong feelings via anger. With the wisdom of age and experience, this Maverick allows himself to feel all the emotions.

All The Reasons Tom Cruise Should Win An Oscar For His Performance

In the company of his warriors, Penny, and especially Ice Man, he lets his guard down and shares his innermost thoughts and feelings. There is no denying Cruise’s acting chops in this scene, as he and Ice Man have a touching moment full of warmth and caring.

The usual Maverick arrogance has been replaced with a more humble and honest man about his anxieties. It’s a moving tribute to Val Kilmer in one of his finest films. He pays special attention to the man who has assisted him in many ways.

Tom Cruise Took A Ride In A Fighter Aircraft To Feel The Full Intensity Of The G-Force

Top Gun made Cruise famous as one of few actors allowed to fly a Tomcat; for Top Gun: Maverick, he had no choice but to jump right into the cockpit. It was crucial to put oneself in the shoes of real Navy pilots and see the dramatic development of aviation firsthand.

Tom Cruise Took A Ride In A Fighter Aircraft To Feel The Full Intensity Of The G-Force

Cruise’s proficiency as a pilot is successfully conveyed in the film because of Cruise’s significant knowledge and experience in the field. Despite hiding his irritation, worry, and enthusiasm behind a mountain of equipment, he performs a lot of acting with his eyes.

Tom Cruise Performed Most Of His Stunts In The Film

Top Gun: Maverick, like other Tom Cruise movies, has spectacular stunt work. Cruise has a long-standing reputation in Hollywood for being able to do as many stunts as humanly possible, which significantly improves the quality of his action scenes.

Tom Cruise Performed Most Of His Stunts In The Film

As Maverick, a fighter pilot with decades of expertise, Cruise sounds less like a celebrity and more like he knows what he’s talking about as he recites impressive military jargon.

Maverick Never Compromised His Morals

Throughout the film, Maverick is put in uncomfortable situations, yet he always manages to do it with a grin and a wink.

Because he was never good at following instructions, Top Gun taught him the value of working with others, while the rest of the team learned the importance of standing out from the crowd.

But Maverick isn’t the same impulsive person he once was. Over many years as a test pilot, he has honed his skills, reducing the role that chance plays in his flying.

Because of his expertise and knowledge, he can argue against the Admirals’ points of view.

Maverick Shows Genuine Feeling

Rather than being a one-note stereotype, Maverick is shown as a multidimensional human being. In the cockpit, he laughs, mourns Goose’s death, becomes angry at the end of his flying career, and wonders why he even bothers with life.

Maverick Shows Genuine Feeling

Since Maverick no longer makes bold statements, Cruise has no problem letting other actors steal the show around him. His ever-changing moods provide welcome variety to a character who may have remained the same otherwise.

A Breakdown Of Why Tom Cruise’s Performance Was Snubbed

One-dimensionality of the Person

Even though Cruise improved his performance in Top Gun, Maverick was still a one-dimensional character in this picture. The feeling isn’t allowed to have even the bare minimum of complexity necessary to be Oscar-worthy.

In essence, Maverick is still doing what he did in the original story: ignoring authority, looking for love, inspiring his fellow pilots, and putting himself in danger for the greater good. While effective, Maverick doesn’t find this method particularly ground-breaking.

The Conversation Between Maverick And His Companions Was Poorly Written

Like Top Gun, this movie is full of one-liners that Maverick delivers with an honesty that fits well in an ’80s blockbuster but seems a bit clichéd now. Maverick comes out as rather simplistic due to his penchant for sound bites.

His persona is unnaturally flat, and his dialogue sounds too simple to be accurate.

The sequences in which he interacts with other characters are similarly limited in their ability to provide light on their underlying motivations, such as good and evil.


Maverick Thinks Way Too Much About The Previous Parts He’s Played

Cruise, who formerly played a wide variety of parts, has recently focused on action franchises like Mission: Impossible and sequels like Top Gun: Maverick, leaving little room for performances like Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder, for whom some Redditors feel Cruise should have earned an Oscar.

Rarely does he take on challenging characters, and Maverick is too similar to others he’s played.

A nomination for Maverick is unlikely since it is not as much of a stretch for Cruise to play a rock star as it was for him to play one in Rock of Ages.

It is a position in which Cruise thrives and takes excellent pleasure; nonetheless, it doesn’t strain his vocal cords much. As Maverick tries to escape the helicopter, it seems like something out of Mission: Impossible.

Maverick Rode The Waves Of Nostalgia

As a sequel from the 1980s, Maverick works well on its own and will also please fans of the original. It doesn’t pivot in the middle or have a bunch of false conclusions.

The plot is straightforward, and the romance is uncomplicated. The basic framework of the film has been retained for the most part.

Maverick is a character that might work without people having seen Top Gun, but his journey is more enjoyable if you know that film first. He is well-liked and well-known, as seen by his vast fan base.

Maverick Was Ludicrous And Easily Foreshadowed

The ideals of autonomy and persistence that Maverick has always represented have led many of his fans to see him as less of a concrete person than as a concept they may emulate in their lives. Can anybody else eject at Mach 10 and yet live? The persona he is supposed to be portraying seems more like a placeholder to him than a genuine person.

Even though his superhuman condition makes his romantic connections with Penny seem hollow, their happily ever after still entails them getting together. With his relationship with Rooster repaired, Maverick finds success.

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