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Star Wars Mindful Matters With Ahsoka Actress Ashley Eckstein!


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Star Wars Mindful matters have been launched by Lucasfilm. It is a series of Star Wars kids which was written by Ashley Eckstein. It is known as the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels where the young generation will learn about mindfulness if they focus on every lesson.

The Favourite Star Wars Characters Of The Young Generation Teach About Mindfulness

The favourite Star Wars characters of the young generation teach about mindfulness. It is shown in each short video that actress Ashley Eckstein is leading mindfulness exercises.

Star Wars

Lucasfilm said that every exercise is clinically approved and based on resources which are provided by the on our sleeves movement for children’s mental health. Health experts from Nationwide children’s hospital backed them.

First, two videos are launched on the website called StarWarskids.com. More episodes will release soon. It is guessed that additional videos will release throughout may because this month is mental health awareness month. ComicBook.com got the golden opportunity to discuss the new project with the leader Ashley Eckstein.

What Is The New Project? From Where Did The Idea Come To Combine Star Wars And Mindfulness?

According to Ashley Eckstein, the idea of the newly launched series Star Wars mindful matters had come to her mind five years ago.

She started to make this project from her passion and now she is very proud of this passion project which comes with short videos.

Materially the size of these videos is less than three minutes where she teaches some exercises that are filled with mindfulness.


She is experienced as she worked with a nationwide children’s hospital at a very close distance. On our sleeves of nationwide children’s hospital is assuring us that every movement is clinically based.

She explained that the clips are taken from films and shows and in this series it is tough for the people when and how to do these exercises. Each exercise takes a few moments to make big difference in your day because mindfulness matters a lot.

Though It Is A Natural Combination Where These Two Things Meet In One?

Ashley Eckstein answered this question, this is entirely true that it is a natural combination. The first two videos which are released on the 4th of May are Star Wars: the empire strikes back and Star Wars: the Last Jedi where the Jedi is responsible for teaching Luke and Rey saying ‘ breathe, just breathe.’

Jedi is trying to make us feel the force which is connecting you with your surrounding energy. Sometimes we got excited, nervous or anxious, this is the only way to ground ourselves in the present moment.


According to Ashley Eckstein, they are going to release an episode which will be filled with Chewbacca and emotions. They are going to release an episode about droids.

Why Is This Project Called The Passion Project By Ashley Eckstein?

Ashley Eckstein described that the idea came from her fans, especially from kids. We are trying to relate these lessons to our lives. These mindfulness exercises were expressly inspired by need and also come from the personal poi of view.


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