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Six Marvel Characters Milly Alcock Would Be Perfect To Portray, Find Out More!


Milly Alcock is an actress from Australia who has very recently starred in the HBO Fantasy series House of the Dragon. Moreover, she was named the Rising Star by the Casting Guild of Australia in 2018.

6 Marvel Characters That Milly Alcock Would Be ideal For Portraying, See More!

She also played many supporting roles throughout her career till now. She has gained so much popularity for her role in House of Dragon that she might make it to one of the movies in the Marvel Cinemas.

6 Marvel Characters That Milly Alcock Would Be ideal For Portraying

Rising Of A Great Marvel Star

Milly Alcock started her career very young. She made her T.V. debut when she was just a teenager. It was in 2014, in the comedy Wonderland. She has also starred in many commercials, like Cadbury and KFC.

She also managed to star in Disney Channel shows in Australia from 2015 to 2017. In addition, she reportedly appeared on B.F. Chefs and Hanging With.

Rising Of A Great Marvel Star

Different Marvel Characters Milly Is Perfect For

Without the presence of Milly Alcock, the Marvel series would not have been complete. Thus, Alcock plays a vital part in these movies and has managed to impress the audience greatly.

In addition, she is the younger reprisal of Emma D’Arcy’s character, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, who can easily transition to another superhero series.

According to sources, Milly also has the capacity to play various other characters in this Marvel series apart from Princess Targaryen. The details of the characters are hereunder;-

1. Morgan Le Fay

It will not be wrong to predict that Alcock can effortlessly switch to the role played by Morgan Le Fay. She happens to be one of the biggest villains in Marvel Comics. She may also be cast as one of the famous dragon vocalists for the role.

However, it may so happen that Milly may not be interested in playing the villain’s character so early on in her career. She can also play Elsa Bloodstone’s character.

Morgan Le Fay

2. Elsa Bloodstone

Alcock probably can do justice to this role also. This character’s relationship with mythology is the most significant part of its popularity. Elsa belongs to the monster hunters family. After being an adult, she became a master in this skill.

In the later part, we can see how she made a lovely bond with Deadpool, giving rise to some humorous moments as the story of Marvel goes ahead. Therefore, it can be a fabulous debut for a talented actress like Alcock.

Elsa Bloodstone

3. Power Princess

If playing the past few characters is not on the cards, she can also play the role of the Princess of Power from the MCU. A fascinating role for Milly would be to portray a royal princess with so many shades. Utopia Island’s princess is Zarda Shelton.

This terrific lady of the ruling dynasty decided to fight back against the atomic bomb intervention and did not leave the planet. You will feel an incredible similarity with Wonder Woman of D.C in some parts. However, in this role, Alcock can be excellent.

Power Princess

4. Tempus

In the Marvel Universe, you can find several Australian characters. Since the background of Alcock is also from Australia, and she has previous experience working in horror genres, Tempus can be a suitable character for her.

Tempus is the codename of Eva Bell, the talented young mutant The Five from the House X recruited to use her powers to stop, speed up, or reduce the speed of any activity taking place in a certain area and not beyond that.


5. Lifeguard

Another mutant character that can be ideal for Milly is that of Lifeguard. It is truly amazing to believe that this character also has an Australian origin. Among the X-Men, this powerful personality is famous as Lifeguard, but her real name is Heather Cameron.

She has a spectacular quality to fly by growing wings, acquiring fish skin and fins while in the water, and even creating golden armor on her body.


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6. Gwenpool

Any comic fanatic will be crazy by the marvelous character of Gwenpool and be stunned by the pink costume. You can already watch the Multiverse Saga of the Marvel Series. So, it will be great to catch the inter-dimensional character of Gwenpool in the subsequent parts. Alcock will be an ideal choice to play this in-depth everyday character and impress the audience with her powerful actions.



These are some of the possibilities of Milly Alcock to date and how a girl from Sidney made it big in American movies and showbiz with her hard work and grit. She has all the potential to play different characters of Marvel, suiting her appearances and personality.

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