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Simon Cowell, 63, Is Finally Attempting To Quit Smoking For Good


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Simon Cowell has been trying to quit smoking for a long time. But according to his close friend and singer Sinitta Malone the 63-year-old “X Factor” creator and music mogul is finally ready to quit for good with the help of his family.
Sinitta told the Stoptober campaign this week that Simon’s eight-year-old son Eric has become the “cigarette police” to stop his father from smoking.

Simon Cowell, 63, Is Finally Attempting To Quit Smoking

Sinitta is Eric’s godmother, and she said he and his father have a good relationship.

She told The Sun, “It’s nice to be godmother, and it’s nice to see them together and be able to see that.”

Simon Cowell, 63, Is Finally Attempting To Quit Smoking For Good

“He follows him everywhere, and when Simon smokes, he just lets him take a puff. He always asks, “How many puffs? How many puffs?” Eric is like a little cigarette cop and keeps Simon on his toes. It tastes great.’

She also thinks Simon Cowell only smokes one or two cigarettes a day, but that he could use a nicotine patch.

“The problem with Simon is that he likes to smoke. I don’t even know if he’s addicted; I think he might be a little addicted, but he doesn’t consider himself an addict because he says he can quit whenever he wants.”

Before the birth of his son Eric in 2013, Simon said he would quit smoking and never smoke in front of his son. He said this because he had been criticized for smoking around his pregnant partner, Lauren Silverman.

“I’m not going to do that,” Simon told LBC 97.3 at the time, “I know that now. I’m trying to switch to electronic cigarettes, which aren’t so bad. But it would be better to be moderate.

After the birth of his son, he reportedly made his home a “smoke-free zone.”

In 2015, it was said that Simon was paying £100 per cigarette to smoke in the studios of The X Factor because he didn’t want to go outside to smoke.

Due to the judge’s busy schedule and his penchant for smoking, he had to smoke in the studio during commercial breaks, even though it was his workplace.

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At that time, the Sunday Mirror reported that the music mogul had to pay a fine of 100 pounds so that he could smoke and relax during the filming of The X Factor, which was very stressful and busy.

An insider said this about Simon’s “expensive habit”: “Over the course of a series, we’re talking thousands of pounds.”

according to Media reports that after passing out in his London home in 2017, he promised to quit smoking and take better care of himself. He lost weight and became a vegan.

In 2020, he broke his back in a horrific e-bike accident.

In January of this year, he broke his arm in another e-bike accident in London.

But soon after, he said he was feeling better and admitted he was “a bit crazy.”

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