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EntertainmentWho Are Shark Tank's The Sharks & Guest Sharks?

Who Are Shark Tank’s The Sharks & Guest Sharks?


The famous reality competition series Shark Tank premiered in August of 2009 and made us all want to try our hand at business from the comfort of our couches.

Animals in the Shark Tank, Sharks Season 12 of “Shark Tank” is now airing, and Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Barbara Corcoran are as good as ever at spotting genuine businesspeople from want tobes.

The Sharks & Guest Sharks: Who Are They?

In addition to TOMS Shoes’ Blake Mycoskie and Kendra Scott, jewelry company Kind designer Daniel Lubetzky and former baseball star Alex Rodriguez are returning as guest Sharks this season.

No matter which Shark you’re rooting for, it never hurts to know more about them and their accomplishments. Here you may find out anything you ever wanted to know about the financial status of the Shark Tank crew.

The Sharks & Guest Sharks

Who Is The Wealthiest Shark On “Shark Tank?”

In its more than 12 years on air, Shark Tank helped make entrepreneurship cool. This ABC show features startup companies pitching their ideas to a group of angel investors. They want to raise money and make connections to help them grow their business.

Shark Tank’s Valuable Residents

The show involves a rotating cast of wealthy investors, including six regulars and twenty “guest sharks” throughout the season. The most critical sharks are:

Famous for his appearances on the Canadian version of “Dragon’s Den,” Kevin O’Leary is also an investor and TV commentator. O’Leary, a Quebec native who learned about investing from his mom, established his firm, Softkey.

It was a significant player in the educational software business by 1995 when it paid $606 million to buy The Learning Company.

Shark Tank's Valuable Residents

As a result of Mattel’s $3.6 billion acquisition of the combined company, O’Leary now owns a significant portion of Mattel’s $400 million wealth. The rest of the money came from his investments in Storage Now, O’Leary Funds, and Shark Tank enterprises.

To add to the list of successful Canadians who got their start on Dragon’s Den, Robert Herjavec made his fortune in the software business. As an innovator in the field of information technology, he has been asked to serve on the Cybersecurity Task Force of the US Chamber of Commerce.

World's Wealthiest Man On Our Hands With Shark Mark Cuban

The Herjavec Group, which he founded, generates over $120 million in annual sales, making it one of the largest cybersecurity companies in Canada.

A significant chunk of Herjavec’s projected $200 million net worth comes from his shark businesses’ success in addition to his company’s valuation.

Do They Have The World’s Wealthiest Man On Our Hands With Shark Mark Cuban?

Although everyone on Shark Tank is wealthy, Mark Cuban is the only billionaire among the leading group.

When it comes to investors who have turned into sharks, the title belongs to Sir Richard Branson, whose $4.6 billion in fortune hardly puts him in a better position than any of them.

The shark visitor, Chris Sacca, is also a billionaire: his net worth is estimated at $1.1 billion. Invited sharks include the $1.2 billion Steve Tisch and the $2.7 billion John Paul DeJoria.

Adding to the ensemble of multibillionaires is guest shark Daniel Lubetzky, worth $2.1 billion.

From When Did The Sharks Get Their Money?

The sharks made much money from starting and selling companies they created. Most of their wealth is amassed in a single massive deal, yet they continue investing money into businesses. That is why they are participating in Shark Tank.

When investors put money into a business, they usually demand equity in exchange for their funds and a repayment plan. In particular, O’Leary requires regular payments until his investment is fully repaid. After establishing themselves on the show, the sharks have successful careers on the back of their track records.

Greiner has invested in two of Shark Tank’s highest-grossing products: the Squatty Potty ($164 million in sales) and the Bombas ($225 million in sales). The outcome is that Greiner has more money than any other “sharks” on the program combined.

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How Much Do You Think The Sharks Have Invested?

The first decade of statistics uncovered some interesting trends. Over half of all participants (56%), on average, make a successful deal worth $286,000. Because better companies are made available for investment as the program progresses, they mean values keep going up.

During the first ten seasons, the principal sharks invested about $120 million, with Cuban making the most significant bets ($33.6 million) across 151 episodes.

More than $20 million came from Greiner and Herjavec and $10 million from the others. Corcoran is the least wealthy and least invested of the sharks, with a net worth of $10 million, or around 10% of her overall assets. Greiner and Herjavec gave more than 10 percent of their money to the show.

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