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Roger Waters Claims He Is “Considerably More Important” Than Drake And The Weeknd


George Roger Waters, an English musician, singer-songwriter, and composer, co-founded the popular rock band ‘Pink Floyd’ in 1965. Waters served as the bassist, but as a member, Syd Barrett(singer and songwriter) left the band. Waters became the lyricist, co-lead vocalist, idea leader, and infrequent rhythm guitarist until 1983. 

The Pink Floyd frontman, who left the team in 1985, got into some legal controversies with the band’s name and material, which were settled out of court in 1987. The 78-year-old artist has recently given an interview where he opens up about some of his celebrity feuds. He has been going viral in the media due to some of his comments made in the interview about other artists.

Roger Waters, A Member Of Pink Floyd, Says That He Is “Far, Far More Important” Than Drake And The Weeknd

Waters is currently working on his tour, This Is Not a Drill, held in Canada and the U.S. The interview was conducted by a Canadian newspaper that came to review the event. While speaking about the evening, he was complaining about the media, which never gave any importance to him rather than any other artist.

Roger Waters Claims He Is More Important

On the same day as Waters’s concert, Canadian singer The Weekend also organized his concert, which attracted most of the media but later got canceled due to Roger’s outrage that caused media and internet issues all over the country. 

In the interview, the Pink Floyd artist noted that he is not given any importance by the media even though he held a concert in Canada. He was of the opinion that he was far, far more important than the Canadian musicians The Weekend and Drake. The artist said this as his show received less media coverage than that of Weekend’s Toronto concert. 

Waters declared that he was not aware of who Weekend was as he has never listened to music much lately. He said that he had heard about him(Weekend) as a big act from others. He even wished him luck, adding that the weekend had nothing against him. Weekend’s ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ stadium tour was scheduled on the same day as one of Water’s shows, which caused the issues.  

‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ artist not only dissed Weekend but even dissed Drake, the Toronto Icon. He said that, with all due respect to any of the artists mentioned, he himself is far more important than any of them, even if they have achieved billions of streams. He even added that there are things going on that are fundamentally important to all their lives.  

After the interview went viral, several supporters of the artist commended in response to his comments that they love Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, which were many of their all-time favorite bands, but his comment on other artists felt like an old man yelling at clouds. Some others said that Waters has done something good at a good age, and now it is time for him to step down.  

Drake and Weekend are some of the best artists in Hollywood who have created a mark for themselves. Drake won 4 Grammys, approximately 67 million monthly Spotify listeners, and 11 of his tracks achieved the number one position in the Billboard Hot 100. While Last Weekend’s Blinding Lights marked a great position in the Billboard Hot 100 Songs of All Time. He received 4 Grammys and has a minimum of 67 million Spotify listeners monthly. 

When compared with them, Water achieved a UK single, six No.1 albums in the UK, and received a Grammy with his band, Pink Floyd. Being a solo artist, he has a minimum of 555,000 Spotify listeners monthly.  

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