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The Rock’s Daughter Slams Haters Who Don’t Like Her Professional Wrestling Name!!


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Simone Johnson wasn’t much active after her knee injury and is seen not liking her professional name anymore. Simone Johnson, known for being Dwayne Rock Johnson’s daughter, made an agreement with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the year 2020. 

Simone Johnson Has Yet To Make Her Debut Due To An Injury

Simone Johnson has yet to make her debut due to an injury in the knee, disclosed on 29 May 2022 that Simone Johnson may be known inside of the ring by the new name Ava Raine while altering her name on Twitter. Fans could be seen sharing their comments connecting this announcement since that day for such a sudden change.

Yet, while Simone Johnson introduced her new World Wrestling Entertainment alter ego, the wrestling lovers on social media Twitter were upset that the daughter of The Rock wasn’t going with the aid of The Pebble. And, like a truly skilled wrestler, Simone Johnson quickly fought back by retweeting a person who told the obvious joke.

Simone Johnson then doubled down on how worn-out the joke had turned into with the aid of posting a Google browsing of various sorts of rocks. Nothing in this category please xx, Simone Johnson wrote by captioning the photo. But, while Twitter regulars set aside on pushing back, Simone Johnson climbed up the ropes and body-slammed the criticism.


“It probably sounds like a damaged record & expectantly that is the ultimate reason” she added. However, Simone Johnson wrote on Twitter that she doesn’t know why humans depicted as independent people outside their own circles of the family are such argumentative stuff. A name does not invalidate any previous accomplishments from any family member’s circle. In a follow-up tweet, Simone Johnson said that she should construct my entire profession around my father and that humans might nonetheless bash me anyway.

The 20-year-old girl Simone Johnson is a fourth-generation wrestler. Her father Dwayne Rock Johnson turned into a 10-time World Wrestling Entertainment global champion before turning his attention to acting.

Rocky Johnson is the grandfather of Simone Johnson. Additionally, Peter High Chief Maivia is Simone Johnson’s great-grandfather. The grandfather Rocky Johnson and the great-grandfather Peter High Chief Maivia of Simone Johnson are both World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famers. In 2017, as Miss Golden Globes, Simone Johnson attended the 75th Annual Golden Globe Nominations Announcement.

Simone Johnson was strong-minded to debut the name Ava Raine with a GIF of Fairuza Balk’s Nancy Downs from 1996’s The Craft and used an image of Nancy for the banner on her account. Dwayne Johnson and Simone Johnson are honored at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards. Simone Johnson is a chip off the old block to a positive extent.


Simone Johnson commented in a statement that it means the world to her at the beginning of the training. Simone Johnson also added “knowing that my family seems to have such a deep relationship to wrestling means a great deal to me, and also this is an honor to me to be able to not only wrestle, but also to carry on all that tradition.”


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