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Did Michelle Young And Nayte Olukoya Break Up?


Michelle Young clapped her hands after being secretly caught without her engagement ring, prompting many fans to believe she and Nayte Olukoya were having issues in paradise. Olukoya posted in an Instagram story that normally, she would not come on here to deal with such matters, but she did so since she received so very many messages about that On Monday, May 30. 

The Couple, Who Met On Season 18 Of The Bachelorette

The former Bachelorette is 28 years old. Keep an eye out for one of our attractive friends who takes off my engagement ring to test it on before reattaching it to my ring finger.

Did Michelle Young And Nayte Olukoya Break Up

The couple, who met on season 18 of The Bachelorette, have been engaged since Olukoya, 27, proposed to the supermodel during the December 2021 finale. She started to share her story that it’s just a friendly reminder that Nayte is a human being. She wasn’t just a zoo exhibit anymore. Not to add, filming someone without their consent is unsettling. It’s no longer in style.

This isn’t the first time the pair sparked breakup the speculation. In February, Olukoya informed Us Weekly solely that he and the fifth-grade trainer were genuinely feeling all of it out in terms of where to stay and when to get married.

The Texas resident said that we want to make certain that we’re continually making very calculated decisions and that we’re continually searching for any of our options. Olukoya indicated to Us at the time that they didn’t set a schedule for their wedding ceremony date. 

Young agreed, saying, We’ve been debating the summer season, but it is that we also have a huge circle of friends and family, participants, and just humans that we may need to be a part of, so an epidemic marriage ceremony isn’t something we’re considering.

While the couple continues to stay in separate states, if we’re no longer putting it out, we’re texting [or] FaceTiming. We do a variety of film nights, like over FaceTime or Zoom, Young informed Us last month. But, since he’s been in Minnesota for a while, it’s worked out perfectly.

Michelle went on to mention that it became creepy to be filmed without her consent, adding, that it’s now no longer cool. In a video of his own, Nayte also displayed the possibility of a breakup. The Canadian income government joked on TikTok that 90% of my DMs had been asking questions about Michelle since rumors of trouble in paradise began to spread.

Michelle’s fate is unknown. Where did she go? He stated in a video, possibly spoofing some of the remarks he’s gotten. What he means is, where is she right now in terms of her actual location? Nayte, have you seen Michelle?


Michelle and Nayte have been relying on each other since their engagement as they navigate life in front of the camera. It’s been without a doubt the greatest that allows you to go out in public because he senses we each understand what the other goes through, Michelle told E-News in February. Her partner agrees with her. Nayte came with a lot of baggage in terms of her public image. 

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