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Coming Soon!!! Released Date Published SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69


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Because of the message Viper and the Sword Saint brought with them, SSS-Elegance Suicide Hunter became a focal point. It was at an educational meeting that the two of them examined the fight between Kim and the Heavenly Demon.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69: Who Are The Main Character In Chapter 69

On the surface, it appeared as if they were forced to confront them with the pressing matters of education. It’s possible that the Cult made it about their relationship. They’ve been called to account for their actions. Here’s all you need to know if the new bankruptcy no longer exists.
In the upcoming bankruptcy, those who are interested can choose what the Sword and Viper seek from the heavenly demon by voting for their preferred option(s). While this is going on, Kim learns about the various sorts of Sword Art that are out of reach. As a result of Kim’s bankruptcy, the zombies who had starved to death may benefit from Kim’s efforts.

Released Date Published SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69

What Can We Expect to Happen After That?

Kim had unleashed all four swords of hunger before the end of the preceding bankruptcy. But before he could resume his schooling with the Heavenly Demon, Sword Saint had surrounded Viper to meet with Baekhyang. You can tell right away that these people are part of some sort of demonic group. Kim and his grasp haven’t met again since, and there’s no way to tell if the Cult knows about him now.

Kim had no business being in the Cult, given what the Sword Emperor had said previously about only the children who had been abandoned by their parents being allowed entry. Because the Cult knows he went to school with Baekhyang, they can hold him and Baekhyang accountable. Do you think the Cult will be okay with this? The answer lies in SSS-Elegance Suicide Hunter Bankruptcy 69.

When Will Chapter 69 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Be Available?

Suicide Hunter’s bankruptcy will reveal how Kim is progressing in his training with Baekhyang. On April 6, 2022, SSS-Elegance Suicide Hunter Bankruptcy 69 will be released. The expert pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage are the finest places for fans to find all the chapters of the manhwa.

The Bankruptcy Recap from Before!

SSS-Class Suicide’s Chapter 68 began with Kim monologuing about Baekhyang not being stimulated by employing his improvement method while he observed the Sword of Hunger. In contrast, the Heavenly Demon’s temperament has been completely altered since he has been battling the undead and attempting to overcome thirst. Sword was too slick and didn’t appear to be in the fight, according to the little child. While we were waiting for Preta, she returned with our corpses.

As a result, the Heavenly Demon chose to instruct Kim in the use of the Simgyeol Core. Close your eyes and imagine yourself starving, she instructed Kim. Hunger tasted to him like sand, sunlight, river water, and children sifting through its constituent parts for the first time. Her next words were directed at his mother, who was feeding him scraped apple slices and telling him to keep track of the passing time. Thirst used to make me feel the same way. As the battle drew to a close, Kim was able to decipher Baekhyang’s orders and release the Sword of Hunger’s main form.

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