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Regé-jean Page Is Okay With Recasting His Role In ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2


Bridgerton’s breakthrough Regé-Jean Page has moved on from the Netflix series to the point where he would have no problems if the producers recast his character in the future.

Regé-Jean Page Hasn’t Seen ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Yet, But He’s OK With Recasting His Role

Bridgerton breakthrough actor Regé-Jean Page says he wouldn’t mind if his role was replaced in future seasons. The Netflix romantic series, set in Regency-era England, is based on Julia Quinn’s novels of the same name. Season 1, is based on the 2000 novel The Duke and I. 

Regé-jean Page Is Okay With Recasting His Role In 'Bridgerton' Season 2

Variety got the pleasure to speak with Page recently at the premiere of The Gray Man. They talked briefly about his Bridgerton role, and he revealed that he is so far removed from the program that he hasn’t even seen season 2.

He believes Simon’s character journey is complete, thus there is nowhere more for him to go on the program, to the point where, if they want to recast the role simply so viewers may see the happy couple on occasion, he adds “they’re free to do as they please.”

“They are free to do anything they want,” At the launch of Page’s latest spy action flick The Gray Man, Page claimed that diversity is Marc Malkin.

Page went on to express gratitude for his role as Simon Basset, the initially cold suitor who marries Daphne Basset (Phoebe Dynevor) at the end of the first season of the program.

“We performed so well in that redemption storyline that people forgot Simon was a jerk.” “He was the greatest specimen of a Regency fuckboy we’d ever seen,” Page went on.

The page also stated that he has yet to acclimate to the second season of Bridgerton, which premiered on Netflix in March.

“I didn’t make amends,” Page said.

Bridgerton has prior experience with role recasting. Hannah Dodd will replace Ruby Stokes as Francesca Bridgerton in the forthcoming third season of the show.

Page’s role was not treated in this manner by the program, which explains his disappearance in the first few minutes of Bridgerton’s second season.

The page also discussed the joy of playing a villain in The Gray Man, a new Netflix drama starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as rival super-spies. Denny Carmichael, a CIA chief anxious to catch Gosling’s despondent spy, is played by Page.

“I try to put everything I appreciate about myself — everything you learned in self-esteem courses as a kid — in a box, cover it in a ribbon, and simply hide it,” Page said. “It’s an honor. Hopefully, you’ll have as much fun as the audience has by accompanying you.” 

The Gray Man will have a limited theatrical release on Friday, followed by a Netflix premiere on July 22.

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