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Kehlani Responds To Christian Walker’s Confrontation!


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Kehlani Ashley Parrish is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer, who has been viral lately this week on social media. The singer is basically from Oakland, California, and achieved fame as a member of the teen group Poplyfe in 2011. 

On Wednesday, the singer had an encounter with Christian Walker, an American conservative internet personality. Walker is the son of a football player Herschel Walker and also a supporter of former President Donald Trump. The video of Walker confronting Kehlani in a Starbucks drive-thru went viral earlier this week. And later the singer has come up with another video where she explains to people the context they were missing.     

Kehlani Sharing Their Side Of Recent Viral Interaction With Christian Walker

In a deleted TikTok video, the singer explained the incident that happened in the drive-thru. She clearly spoke about how Walker behaved to her and the barista at their local Starbucks. From the first video posted by Walker on his social media, we could see him storming out of his vehicle and yelling at the ‘Up At Night’ singer for talking negatively about him to a barista. He accused her of calling him an ‘a**hole.’

The video went viral which made the singer post her part of the scene that happened at the drive-thru. She started the video by saying that she wasn’t going to do this. But as the situation could get worse with the video going viral, she wanted to talk about it with others.  

Kehlani Responds To Christian Walker's Confrontation!

From the first video posted on Walker’s account, it was seen that the influencer got out of his car and walked up to the singer. He then starts yelling at her saying she should get the drink and go away repeatedly. He even said that he has an opinion like anyone else and asked why she was entitled to an opinion and why not him. The influencer even addressed the artist as an a**hole and asked her to leave after getting her drink. 

Kehlani explained in her video that before recording the confrontation, he was recording some other video. And according to her, she felt that the series of Pride flags hung around the Starbucks could have made him lose his s**t. He started recording the workers and the chain of Pride flags.

And then moved towards the order box and started harassing them. It made the singer feel like he was about to get to the window and harass all those workers. The incident she mentioned has been identified as authentic since the influencer had posted in his Instagram story where he yells at the workers. He said to them that the pride flags are just flags from hell and also, he would deliver some American flags if needed.   

As she understood the situation, she moved to get her order and told the baristas that the one behind her was Christian Walker. She even told them to be prepared as he could yell at them and would record them. In her video, she clearly said that the barista responded that they knew him well.  The singer admitted calling him f**king a**hole as she had seen him being an a**hole for the whole 10 minutes. 

Christian Walker Yelled At Kehlani At Starbucks Drive-Thru

Kehlani said that he was yelling at her even before he started recording the video by saying things like, “B***h, you’re holding up the line, b***h this, b***h that.” but once when she addressed him back as an a**hole, he pulled out his phone and started recording. 

The artist said that at the time of this encounter, she was taking her virtual therapy sessions in which they discussed people losing anger in situations where they are mad at something else. The topic was just coincidental which gave her an ‘a-ha moment’ with the therapist. As the singer proceeded to analyze the situation, she said that the therapy helped her in controlling her response.  

Kehlani Responds To Christian Walker's Confrontation!

She said the session helped her comprehend what he wanted to do with the situation. As per her views, he wanted to provoke her with his words and get a reaction so that he could post it and make it viral. She even added that by posting this, he could have created some political issues for people from her community and even herself.   

From Christain Walker’s post, it is clear that he wanted something like this to happen. Because he captioned the video of their interaction as, “This mediocre singer that everyone’s forgotten about, Kehlani, told my baristas at Starbucks that I was an ‘a**hole’ and to be ‘safe around me.’ Well, I set her straight. I’m tired of these fake woke people being rude to everyone and acting like they’re the good ones.” In the video, he even added that the lefties are used to bullying unlike most people, and are coming against him who is standing up alone. He even asked people to stand up against the blue-haired people in his video.


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