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Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Moving This Summer, Report Says!!



It has been reported that William and Kate are seriously considering relocating to Windsor, England, where the Queen resides. The move would bring them closer to the royal family’s official residence. Both Kensington Palace in London and Anmer Hall in Norfolk, located in Norfolk, are currently considered to be the primary residences of Prince William and his wife.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Move To Windsor This Summer!!

Frogmore House, which served as the setting of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding party in May 2018, could serve as an alternative residence for the couple and their family of five. According to the news agency, after the Queen finishes her vacation during the summer, she intends to return to Windsor Castle and make the empty estate her permanent home.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Moving This Summer, Report Says

Since the passing of Prince Phillip earlier this year, the royal family members have been able to focus more of their time and energy on the Queen, who is now 95 years old. The relocation may coincide with the couple taking on a more critical role within the royal family, particularly in light of Harry and Meghan’s decision to step down from their positions.

The royal couple has announced their intention to move out of Kensington Palace and into a new home some 50 kilometers to the west in the county of Berkshire, which is home to Windsor Castle. The revelation was first published in the Sunday Times because the couple already has three small children, namely Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

It has been decided that George and Charlotte, who will graduate from Thomas’s Battersea in the current academic year, will attend a preparatory school in the Windsor region. The Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate is rumored to be the next residence of the royal family. However, this has not been officially verified. The palace has nothing else to say on the matter.

Although the education of the children was the primary factor in the decision to relocate, there are several other benefits to doing so, including the fact that Bucklebury, the place where Carole and Michael Middleton spent their childhood and where Kate’s parents currently live, is also in the county of Berkshire.

In addition to the forty-minute drive from Windsor to Bucklebury, Prince William and Princess Kate will be just minutes away from William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who is 96 years old and is William’s mother. William’s mother is also named Elizabeth. The Sunday Times said that Prince William and his wife Kate might move into Windsor Castle shortly. 

Now that he is 73 years old, Prince Charles, William’s father, is expected to spend less time in the country than the Queen. This is the case because the Queen spends more time in the country. 

According to a friend interviewed for the publication, the activities they can participate in while in London are restricted. “At the park, the children cannot participate in a game of football with their classmates. After that, they have high hopes of settling in Anmer, which holds a lot of significance for them, for the following ten to fifteen years.”

An acquaintance of William’s informed the local newspaper that the couple’s remote retreat in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, is “their happy zone.” They are going to keep their residence at Kensington Palace in London.

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