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How Did The Shaman Showman Enchant A Princess? Tom Leonard Asks!


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He refers to himself as a sixth-generation shaman, and his abilities to communicate with the spiritual world, emotionally uplift people, and treat cancer patients have earned him Hollywood fans. And then there are the Norwegians who, given their perspectives on his abilities, also have to name Hollywood’s Shaman Durek a member of their own circle of relatives.

How Did The Shaman Showman Capture A Princess Under His Spell? Tom Leonard Asks!!

The royal couple’s oldest toddler and a distant cousin of the Queen stay fourth on the Norwegian throne after her young Prince Haakon and his children. Always unconventional, she gave up her HRH name in 2002 when she married a commoner.

How Did The Shaman Showman Enchant A Princess Tom Leonard Asks

He tried suicide on Christmas Day 2019, after their divorce. She began claiming to be clairvoyant in 2007 and has been doing so ever since. She opened the Astarte Education Centre, and the college closed in 2018.

In 2019, she announced her love for Durek Verrett. The couple met on a blind date with mutual friends in a vegan restaurant in 2018. The couple has attributed much of the hostility they have encountered in Norway to racism. He provides that he commenced his shamanic schooling at the age of eleven and was given his powers by his mother. He also claims that a male babysitter sexually abused him, causing him to drink heavily and use drugs during his teenage.

He dropped college and got into trouble, breaking right into a domestic. He says he has lived in Turkey, Israel, Belize, and London, wherein he stayed with a hedge-fund supervisor customer. He says he has dated both guys and ladies, with his longest relationship with a masseur named Hank Greenberg lasting eight years. They had been engaged to be married but cut up in 2014. Mr. Greenberg has criticized Verrett’s chumminess along with his wealthy and well-known customers.

Shamans offer a bridge between the bodily and religious worlds, permitting the useless to provide recommendations and channel recovery energy. During his recovery sessions, he kicks off with a ‘shamanic reading’, analyzing a patient’s eyes, respiration, and bones. In spirit hacking, he invokes the spirits of deceased family members together to support him and reboot his sufferers. Verrett claims he can free customers from ‘blockages’ that save them from locating achievement or love or rather overcoming addictions.

He also keeps a bucket, previously spoken of as patients vomit out poisons from their bodies. Shaman has promoted a conspiracy principle with aid of David Icke, who claims that shape-transferring alien reptilians, and stated him as a component reptilian. He does concede he’s mortal, having died from renal failure. As utterly outlandish as his professed powers are, he’s no longer lacking in charisma. People who’ve met him describe him as mesmerizing and captivating.

In 2019, he seemingly reduced every one of six ladies collected on a patio in Hollywood to tears in 17 minutes. Vanity Fair magazine described him as a religious emissary/janitor who breaks into song, speaks in tongues, and on occasion touches the ladies.

He will frequently sing songs from Disney films, which he shares with the princess. He says a few ladies can get ‘imprints’ on their vagina in the event that they have an excessive amount of sex, and he provides them with sporting activities that can smooth out the imprints. Rather, he has been accused of deceiving most people with cancer and leukemia.

He has rejected allegations that he has claimed he can defy the aging process. He insists he is not prompted with the aid of money, claiming that after he first met Princess Martha Louise, he checked to make sure she wasn’t carrying a glitzy watch.

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